Gleipnir TV Episode 7-9 Fanservice Review

The return

I stopped reviewing Gleipnir weekly for two reasons:

-Gfycat denying all NSFW media, forcing a transfer to a barely functional site invested with porn. And not the good kind. This was the biggest hurdle.

-Weekly complaining about lack of nudity compared to the source material. Valid criticism; not something that encourages a contributor to spend hours on time sensitive posts that are being received poorly.

I return to this project for the sake of finishing what has been started, and for those who were interested in the non-upscaled good quality media in these reviews.

rare moment of Claire not showing murderous/seductive intent

Shuuichi in fact does not save that cute girl and she is brutally crushed. but, that leads to a development that makes Shuuichi more respectable.

Shuuichi apparently has the ability to fuse with other coin users to enhance their powers. His submissive personality then falls in line with his usefulness in battle.

Episode 8 

Claire is super jealous of Shuuichi and Chi. She has reason to be with her status as best girl in mortal danger.

Claire has been misusing Shuuichi’s power this entire time. Cannot become one with him because their goals are opposite each other; Chi on the other hand is compatible with him entirely.

Episode 9 

I would feel bad for this girl. But she did try to rape Claire an episode ago. So Mr. Goro here is more or less returning the favor to whatever unchristian things she’s been doing to new recruits over the years.


I’ll post episodes 10, 11, 12 together at some point following Gleipnir’s conclusion. Not scheduled of course.

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