Gleipnir TV Episode 2 Fanservice Review

“I can feel you inside of me”

Episode two goes wild with sex references as Claire “becomes one” with Shuuichi to fight the monster girl from last week. We learn a little bit more about the mysterious coin, Claire’s motivations, and more importantly are treated with panty shots all throughout.

Here it is vaguely explained how the monster girl got her powers – she was given a coin that granted her physical strength at the sacrifice of her humanity. She is apparently obsessed with the power of the coin and has to hunt for more. This leads her to our main characters.

Turns out Shuuichi isn’t wearing a fursuit; undoing the zipper on his back reveals the innards of a monster. Claire then┬ádevises a strategy to jump into Shuuichi’s guts and combine forces to battle the monster girl. They have a similar dynamic to giant robo co-pilots except filled with sexual innuendo, ala Darling in the Franxx.

one of many implications that Claire is penetrating Shuuichi who takes on the role of the submissive virgin. It’s weird. Also kinda hot in a confused boner way.

Not shown here due to no service – Claire brutally kills the monster girl, then emerges from Shuuichi’s guts like a mermaid. Kinda unnerving, kinda sexy, entirely Claire.

She would later remark that this was only a joke. Press X for doubt.

In what will be a recurring pattern this season – Shuuichi struggles to handle the radical changes around him. That he’s a monster with blood on his hands having just participated in the killing of someone just like him.

Claire on the other shows zero remorse and feigns suicide just to force her feeble partner to embrace his monster self.

Claire reveals that her purpose is to search for her sister who killed her mother and father. This adds a bit more nuance to her character and gives the viewer a reason to care about her unrelated to panties. The episode ends with a girl proclaiming her love for Shuuichi. It seems rather unbelievable that such a girl could love such an uninteresting person so she’s probably a monster and the focus for next time.

Gleipnir shows clearly in this episode that it is willing to deliver eye catches wherever applicable, even in the middle of life or death battles, a good sign for the future where stronger enimies figure to emerge and action dominates the focus. This should not be a case of the story interfering with the service quality, as the two are directly intertwined thanks to Claire’s prescense.

Claire continues to be a smug faced sadistic waifu who is allergic to wearing pants. Seriously, she just doesn’t wear pants in 95% of her scenes. It’s wonderful. Shuuichi on the other hand is thoroughly uninteresting and seems unlikely to ever make a move on Claire despite how she is practically begging him to fuck. A potential point of annoyance as the show progresses, though there is always a chance he does receive meaningful character development later.

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