Peter grill gets its first pv


When every women wants your dick.


The first PV for the Peter grill anime that airs in summer was released today. Presumably a longer second one will be later as we get closer to airing.



The plot for those that have not read the manga is that the main character Peter Grill enters a tournament to prove himself the strongest and wins and thus is declared the strongest swordsman on the continent. His reasons for doing this was so that he could impress his girlfriend’s dad whom is the leader of a guild in hopes that doing this will finally result in said father approving of their relationship so they can finally get married. However he soon learns that the real purpose of these tournaments held every 10 years is for countries to prove who has the strongest soldiers and thus the winning country uses this in order to recruit more stronger soldiers into their army.

As a result of this it means women from all over different countries are now going to want to have his kids since him being the strongest means his children will be strong as well so various races and countries will want this. He now has to deal with various girls all hunting him down and wanting to fuck him which he doesn’t want to do since he has a girlfriend. But he ends up giving in to temptation constantly anyway thus leading to the story being him fucking a bunch of different women after being tempted while trying to keep it a secret from his girlfriend and her crazy dad.


Luvelia. Peter grill’s girlfriend.

Lisa. Oldest of two ogre sisters.

Mimi. Youngest of ogre sisters.

Vegan. Elf girl.

Piglette. An orc girl.



As for what to expect service wise the manga is non nude sadly with blank breasts throughout. However there are some things that could give a glimmer of hope for the anime adaption. While the source material is non nude we have already seen here with the character designs for the anime that the orc girl has visible nipples through her clothes. And though this doesn’t really prove anything it does open up the possibility that they could in theory make the show nude. The most notable thing about this possibility is the staff involved. Studio wise we have no idea what to expect as the studio itself Wolfsbane is new but the staff working on this show have experience in hentai.

Took awhile to track some of this down since anime sites don’t really keep much records of staff for hentai. But the director for this is Tatsumi. Not a lot to go off on that since it’s just a one word name but researching the name in japanese allowed me to find his work as there doesn’t seem to be anyone else that goes by that name alone as a staff name. Listing everything he has done would take way too long but this guy has been the director for a lot and I mean a lot of hentai. Some examples are Fella Pure, Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2, Ojousama wa H ga Osuki, 3Ping Lovers, Sei Shoujo, Shoukoujo, Garden, and a bunch more were all directed by him. He also has some non directing roles for other titles as character design and storyboard and other things besides this. So he has a lot of hentai directing experience and is in charge of directing this.

Next is the character designer for the show whom is Rui Ishige who has hentai experience as well. They have did both the character design and directing for Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead, Sei Brunehilde Gakuen Shoujo Kishidan to Junpaku no Panty, and Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi!. So in short we have a show that is being directed by someone with a massive amount of hentai directing experience with the character designs by someone that has also directed hentai before and done character designs for other hentai titles. Also keep in mind there could be more hentai experience people on staff for other roles that we don’t know about. Things like animation director and so forth haven’t been announced so we could have even more hentai staff on board still.

Because of the hentai staff connection it gives me some hope that maybe the anime could go the nude route against the source material. We recently saw Ishuzuko Reviewers do that for some content that was non nude in the manga so it’s not out of the question. This is all just speculation of course so nothing is certain but I would like to think having a staff of hentai experienced staff could give a slightly higher chance to hopefully add nudity in. Or maybe we end up trolled this whole time and it remains a fully non nude show despite these things. To give you an example of the service content in the manga here are some various pages showing it and showing that it is all blank breasts.



The manga itself is more like a comedy rather than going all out with the service especially since the sex happens off screen but after Ishuzuko Reviewers added content not in the manga it makes you wonder if maybe we could see others do a similar thing. No reason to think they will yet but would be really interesting if the staff for this decided to embrace the service and expand on it especially considering their experience is in hentai.

Since this pv is labeled pv1 they obviously are planning on releasing a better and longer one probably later on so hopefully that one will give us an idea on the nudity potential and if they plan on going against the manga being non nude. As far as tv stations are concerned we still don’t have a listing yet other than tokyo mx so we still have to wait before we know if it will have an atx airing and more importantly if said airing will have a parental lock indicating something worthwhile. So far summer is looking to be interesting with what is airing though. We have Peter grill, Hxeros, and monster girl doctor all coming out this summer. Of course it is still too early to tell if any of these will be censored or not but at least it is looking better than this current season.

Has almost no chance of happening but I would absolutely love it if they did add on screen sex to this and it ends up blowing IR to pieces. Though if they do this a certain scene later on would trigger me. The glasses girl gets fucked in this but when she is shown in bed the next morning she doesn’t have her glasses on. The rage I would have.