Isekai Maou gets a second season announcement


Best isekai returns.


After nearly two years a second season has finally been announced to air in 2021. A visual was also released showing two of the new characters who will appear in season 2. Lumachina the priest girl on the left and Rose the maid girl on the right. There are also some staff changes compared to season 1.


There are two major changes here for season 2. Both the studio and director have been changed. The first season was done by the studio Ajia-Do while this second season has been given to two studios to work on it which are Tezuka Productions and Okuruto Noboru. While Tezuka has plenty of shows they have worked on before the opposite seems to be the case for Okuruto. Okuruto appears to have only two works so far they have been in charge of for animation production and those are Akanesasu Shoujo and the Neptunia ova released last year. As for what to expect service wise from either of these studios compared to the previous studio it’s hard to say. They don’t have any major ecchi shows they did but the thing is neither did the previous studio so we don’t seem to be either better or worse. So can’t really say if the studio change is a good or bad thing till we see at the very least a pv.

The director has also been changed but much like in the case of the studio change we went from someone that didn’t seem to have major fanservice directing experience to another in the same boat so can’t really judge what to expect there either. The new director is Satoshi Kuwahara who did Dagashi Kashi 2 but nothing majorly notable ecchi wise but neither did the previous director so like I said it’s another can’t really call it better or worse situation. The character designer is still the same as season 1 and fortunately the person in charge of series composition remains the same as well with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. That is probably the most important returning staff news as that should hopefully ensure that some of the more service filled scenes that will occur in season 2 remain. He did the composition for Monster Musume, Muromi, and most recently Ishuzoku Reviewers. So hopefully this means we don’t have to worry about anything getting cut especially considering some of the content we will reach in season 2.

The first season covered the first 3 LNs and a chapter of volume 4. So based on that we can probably assume season 2 will cover LNs 4-6. The manga which is much slower than the LN had season 1 cover up to part of volume 9 of the manga which currently has 11 volumes out. As for the type of content we will get in season 2 the most interesting to see will be what they do with the orgy scene that Rem and Lumachina witness. This happens in both the LN and manga so it’s something that they can’t really skip. Really hoping they keep it in full and don’t tone it down or change it or anything dumb like that. If you have not read the manga or LN to know what I am talking about I’ll include some pics of that and some other service content from both the LN and manga that we should be getting in season 2 based on what it should be covering.







The first season avoided any nudity so not expecting any in this season either but who knows maybe they will have a change of heart between season 1 and 2. It would make for a nice change if they do make season 2 deliver some nudity finally especially since they have a different studio now. Not really expecting it so far though so unless we see something that could indicate otherwise this might just stay on the level of season 1. However since the content in these later volumes start to go further than the previous ones maybe that will be enough to push them to do nudity since if you are already crossing a certain line might as well go all out.

Sadly we will probably have to wait at least a year still before we know. Since this is set for 2021 with no set season it could be anywhere between 9 months or further till it airs. Since season 1 was during summer 2 years ago I’m kind of expecting the same thing for season 2. Though I’m kind of wondering if the initial plan was to have this air earlier but had to change those plans due to various things. The reason I say that is because even though this season 2 announcement might seem like a surprise to some it probably was expected to those that have been paying attention to something these past few months.

In case you don’t know a free browser game was released this past december to play based on the series. It seemed strange to release something like that when the anime had aired almost a year and a half ago at that point especially since the game is your typical gacha type game designed to make money. Why release a game designed to earn money from a fanbase and have it based on a series that a lot of the fanbase might not be thinking about anymore thus resulting in a smaller number of people playing unless there were other reasons behind it. Sure enough it was foreshadowing to a season 2 since releasing that game would help resurrect interest in the series again and more importantly be a means to make some even more extra money when a season 2 is announced as interest in the series will return and everyone would want to play the game. Thing is will the game be able to last over a year in order to still be alive by the time season 2 starts I wonder. Having played it for these past few months I can say it is pretty bare bones in terms of stuff to do and has a large amount of typical money things you expect from mobile games in it. Kind of makes me wonder if they might had been hoping to release the anime sooner than 2021 initially so it could match up with this new game more closely.

More of the new characters like Farnis and Horun will probably have their anime designs shown off and cast announced as months go by so people don’t forget about the show in the long wait for season 2. My guess is we probably won’t get a pv till near the end of the year. Assuming current happenings don’t cause anything to get delayed.

Wish they would had released an original ova in the meantime before season 2. Especially if they made it nude. It’s a crime this show avoided nudity even though in the official art you can see nipples through clothes transparently sometimes. Maybe season 2 will change that and finally deliver. More importantly need nudity of Alicia for being best girl.