Gleipnir TV Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Claire, Claire, and More Claire.

Claire continues to showcase an impressive range of panty options – this week a peach highlighted floral design. She once again makes Shuuichi her bitch by penetrating his insides and making him squeal in discomfort. They manage to find the whereabouts of Claire’s sister which leads to a dramatic cliffhanger.

The natural reaction to an attractive girl knowingly stripping in front of you in a private setting. Claire continues to hold a neon green sign reading “fuck me” as  Shuuichi shirks in the corner in fear of touching her.

Neither can anyone else, Claire. She hops into Shuuichi to further explore the extent of their powers. Tons of penetration innuendo ensues.

A difference in detail anime versus manga is Claire not always appearing soaked after exiting Shuuichi’s monster form. The point of her wearing a swimsuit, other than raw titillation, is to emphasize the fluids dripping from her body as if she’s gone deep diving. Not a huge deal, but worth noting as a manga reader.

When Claire enters Shuuichi they are able to share  memories and emotions. Shuuichi is then able to sense Claire’s pain from losing her parents.

This was the first instance of nipples in the manga. A sign that the broadcast anime will not have full nudity. There is a chance that the BD release does, but probably not worth getting your hopes up for.

Claire devises a plan to get revenge on her sister by staking out a location.  More flirting ensues that Shuuichi is oblivious to.

Claire appears to be calm and collected. But we can tell by her soaked panties that she’s excited.

Shuuichi tries to be a white knight and is promptly put into his place.

It isn’t shown when Claire has the time to change her panties at such short notice. But for the third time in one episode, she now sports a different design. Gleipnir should be a strong contender for pantsu AOTY.

The duo confronts the sister and prepares to kill her…but Shuuichi turns into the moral police and stops Claire from doing so. He’s later rewarded with decapitation.

Claire’s sister appears nothing alike the sinister demon described as. She is instead remorseful towards Shuuichi and claims to be responsible for his monster form.

The sister doesn’t know that Claire is in the fursuit until she speaks up. This triggers some apparent jealousy and Shuuichi pays the price for it.

Shuuichi probably won’t die here (fingers crossed I’m wrong), but this does set the stage for a follow up episode that explains all of the fuckery that just transpired. What is the connect between Claire’s sister and Shuichi? Why did she kill her own parents and who turned her into a monster to begin with? How many unique panty designs does Claire own? All burning questions that need solutions. Hopefully this isn’t postponed and continues strong going forward as I’m enjoying the suspense so far.

The lack of nipples is going to disappoint most viewers that visit this blog, but that’s not really a deal breaker for me. Claire is still ultra hot and being put in positions to showcase her sex appeal in every other scene. There are some juicy frontal nudity moments in the manga that would look great if animated, though, and I’ll probably offer a cross comparison between the screencap/manga panel just for reference of what changes have been made as I notice them.

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