Gleipnir TV Episode 6 Fanservice Review

Here Comes a New Challenger

Up until now Gleipnir service was dominated by Claire and her rotating assortment of panties. This episode introduces two new waifus one of which is adorable enough to immediately overtake Claire for best grill honors. We also are introduced to more coin users who figure to be fixtures in the narrative going forward.

Claire and Shuuichi gain entry into an organization led by this mysterious chick in a hockey mask who appears to share Claire’s taste in clothing – very little.

There’s a brief flashback explaining how the two were able to join the organization by blackmailing one of the members. Their motivations are to gain more intel on Claire’s sister.

Shuuichi questions if it was a coincidence that he met Claire. Her answer of “destiny” is probably bullshit, implying that there are secrets that have yet to be revealed.

This group has an initiation process for all new members. Claire volunteers herself to complete the task so that they can infiltrate.

This initiation is apparently more explicit than a verbal pledge. This is great news for everyone but Claire.

Claire has some nerve questioning another scantily clad person.

Meanwhile, Shuuichi meets a very friendly female member of this organization that has taken a liking to his animal appearance. The two are instantly pals. Claire appears to be jealous as she retrieves her phone and goes back to finish an initiation process that may or may not include the loss of a virginity.

Lesbian girl has a short flashback about her relationship with a female teacher. She appears to have been in high school at the time. This relationship goes sour because someone snitches on them leaving her heartbroken. She stresses the importance of keeping secrets as she prepares to scissor Claire.

I’m not entirely sure what the significance is of that tissue box and pill shaped thing. My theory is that it’s a toy and used to reference the obvious orientation of this woman.

While Claire is on the verge of being raped, Shuuichi is off on an adventure with his new friend Chihiro. We’ll call her Chi for short. She is adorable and they appear to have a lot in common.

Chi is amazed by Shuuichi’s abilities as a walking stuffed animal. She is the first one to see him in such a positive light, which to me helps the audience appreciate his character more as well.

Any delusions of Chi being a mascot of purity in contrast to Claire disappears as she strips and penetrates Shuuichi.

this guy has a crush on Chi and is dying on the inside during all of this. sucks to suck.

Of course this scene ends with nothing more than yuri teasing. Predictable, but nonetheless a bummer. The actual initiation process then commences – a string is tied around Claire’s neck that will choke her if she even THINKS about betraying the secrets of the organization, whatever those may be. No idea why she would agree to that but it happens.

I typically try to avoid shots of Shuuichi not wearing clothing. Or images of him at all. But we can infer from this scene that 1) lots of belligerent sexual tension between the two and 2)  they are super compatible with one another. Much more so than Claire and Shuuichi. I ship it.

Their moment comes to an end after Chi senses a presence nearby.

This blonde kid has Chi’s lost wallet. Sounds like a confrontation is on the menu for next week except with Claire out of the picture.

This was the best episode yet. Two new girls were introduced, for once out shadowing Claire as the object of service, and both were great in their own way. Chi stole the show by being hot in a way that is to the complete opposite of Claire – much less self aware about her sex appeal, more innocent and cute than seductive and sexy. Perhaps not the cup of tea for some but that’s the great thing about flavors, can chose from whatever options you like and it’s a positive than Gleipnir is giving us more variety.

Gleipnir once again builds momentum from the previous episode by introducing other coin members who hold different motivations for seeking power, and ends on a note that leaves you looking forward to next week’s airing. Said episode is titled “Metamorphosis” which implies some sort of transformation, so maybe we see Chi and Shuuichi combine forces to battle this enemy group of unknown ability. It would then be interesting to see how their dynamic differs from when Claire is a partner.

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