Shokugeki no Soma Season 1 BD Fanservice Review: Episodes 5 & 6

We get an introduction to the Shokugeki and a new hottie!

Alright we are back with more Shokugeki and this time, we witness Erina’s first on-screen shokugeki and Soma challenging an Elite Ten member in Satoshi.

(Episode screenshots and webms courtesy of Kay)

Episode 5:

Soma challenges Satoshi to an unofficial Shokugeki, who revealed himself to be a member of the Elite Ten Council.

He starts by analyzing Satoshi’s dish, believing Satoshi to be raised in a Japanese restaurant. Satoshi wonders why Soma would think so, with Soma responding the mackerel dish was cooked perfectly and not just everyone could cook it like that. Soma then decides on cooking dish number 20 on Yukihira diner’s secret menu while also using mackerel as the main ingredient.

Satoshi is impressed by the fact Soma does not stick to just one type of cooking, thinking it was creative cooking by Soma. Satoshi believes the dish represents the moment in which spring begins itself, before finishing his meal. Yuki, Ryoko and Satoshi then react to the dish, sprouting like spring itself. Satoshi proceeds to thank Soma for cooking the dish, to which Megumi awakes, seeing her classmate shaking hands with a half-naked man in tears. The duel is considered a draw, with both parties managing to impress each other.

Meanwhile, Erina emerges as the victor in her duel with Kiyoshi, which means the Chan RS building is to be destroyed. Erina then goes on to try Kiyoshi’s dish, telling him it has flaws in 27 different parts. Kiyoshi however does not believe Erina’s Ravioli Di Aragosta was better than his food and tries the dish, before admitting it was the better dish. As he drops to his knees, Erina makes a call, commencing the demolition of the Chan RS building.

Episode 6:

Soma expresses his interest in joining the Don RS, wanting to make a new Donburi dish for himself. He runs off to find the Don RS building, urging Megumi to come with him.

When they arrive at the building, they meet the president of the Don RS, who introduces himself as Kanichi Konishi. He however asks for them to leave the building, as the Don RS will soon be shut down. Soma is surprised to learn of this fact, thinking most of the Don RS recipes are really interesting. Kanichi asserts that Erina used her power to cut down the budget of the Don RS, which lead to the Don RS’ situation to gradually become worse. Thus, he had no other choice than to agree on contesting a Shokugeki with Erina, with the fate of the Don RS on the line.

A team of construction workers enters the room. They are led by a young girl, who is recognized as Ikumi Mito by Kanichi. Soma, wanting to know the opponent, asks Kanichi for information on who she is. He tells him Ikumi is called the Meat Master, with her having great knowledge on meat dishes.

He then asks for Kanichi to let him handle the Shokugeki, wanting to prove her wrong. Ikumi objects at first, before recognizing Soma as the transfer student who made the ambitious opening speech. Ikumi insists she wanted to talk with Soma, asking him if he is prepared to drop out of the academy if he loses the Shokugeki. To her surprise, Soma actually agrees on this condition, telling Ikumi he wants her to join the Don RS if he was to win the match.

Webms (Courtesy of Kay)

Amazing episodes as usual. I remember watching this back in 2015 and was impressed by the pacing, solid narrative and wonderful animation they did for this adaptation.

You could really tell that they spent a good chunk of their budget on the visuals, aesthetics and presentation of the food prepared. It is never a good idea to watch this show on a empty stomach folks. I was always overwhelmed by my hunger pangs after watching each episode.

I’m glad they managed to make Nikumi even more overtly sexual than the manga ever did. Even if she did wear a bikini all the time in the manga, it wasn’t anywhere close to this level of focus on her breasts.

Also, the foodgasm scenes are always a pleasant inclusion as they are so aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the OSTs that complement them. I can’t wait to see Ikumi’s foodgasm scene in the next episode!