Tsugu Tsugumomo Episodes 3-4 Fanservice Review

There was a bit of a lul for service in episodes three and four, though there were some decent ass-shots and probably at least one future nipple sighting on BD.


Episode 3


I guess technically there could be some nudity in this episode, but as memory serves I don’t think the “out of body” barbie doll nudity added nipples later in season one.  So probably won’t get it here.  There is a bath scene but we might get a few frames of side-nipple at most.


Episode 4



I said I wasn’t going to do manga comparisons, but in this case I was actually really curious if the destroyed clothing scene at the end of episode four had nipples shown in the original manga.  Something about it in the anime seems a little suspicious, particularly the needless little plume of smoke.  Turns out it did!

These episodes covered a relatively tame stretch of the manga, so while there isn’t a lot to get excited about here, it also doesn’t seem that they missed any opportunities either.  Things are about to pick up.