Golden Boy OVA Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Very Educational

Law school dropout Kintaro Oe travels the world in pursuit of life wisdom, booty and tities. All closely related values. He meets several gorgeous women who initially label him a lecherous idiot, only to later be charmed by his sincerity and intelligence. By the time they realize they’re in love and want to fuck him, he’s already off to the next destination.

As awesome as Kintaro is, an ecchi may only be as good as the girls and boy are they legendary. Half of them are matured women who aren’t afraid to showcase their raw adult sex appeal. There are no lolis and no designs that look like kids masquerading as grown ups. There is detail in their anatomy. There are brunettes, blondes, one dark skinned waifu, no one with purple or blue or hot pink exotic hairstyles that appear to be held in place by gorilla glue. They are meant to appeal to realistic erotica rather than raw fantasy.

Golden Boy is also visually impressive, not just for the genre but anime as a whole. There is a lot of deliberate and unpatterned movement that makes the characters appear fluid rather than resemble stiff robots. The titty jiggling is immaculate. There is a famous sakuga bike scene that remains impressive thirty years post release. Some may find difficulty in adjusting to the glorious raw 90s 480p aesthetic compared to the formless moe blobs that run rampant in anime today. Sucks to suck.

The first girl is arguably the best in Madame President. A wealthy independent woman who don’t need no man to make her happy (or so she thinks) and for some reason walks around braless in a skin tight revealing suit. Not that anyone minds this. She encounters Kintaro by hitting him with her car.

one of several perfect looping gifs produced from this episode. Usually in a loop you can notice where the stopping point is. Harder to do when the animation is this fluid.

Kintaro keeps an active journal of his daily observations. It is mostly full of details about the women he encounters. What a dutiful scholar.

He just so happens to apply for a position at the company Madame is in charge of. He is their only male employee.


Kintaro begs for an opportunity to prove that he can contribute to an office through software development rather than cleaning restrooms. Madame obliges.

Kintaro swiftly fails this opportunity. But he manages to create a new one through profuse begging. His perseverance never wavers.

He genuinely tries to learn about the office environment and how he can help the company succeed in their endeavors. It probably also helps that the instructors are babes. This effort pays off later.

It is a miracle that Kintaro doesn’t fall to his death while being seduced by an open blouse Madame. He soon finds himself in another precarious situation.

Kintaro exits the locker room unscathed somehow. and then commits an error that nearly gets him sent to the grave.

Not my kink. But hilarious.

The office ladies kick Kintaro out and spend all night trying to revive their project. Only to discover a surprise in one of the hardrives. A present left behind by Kintaro.

Never judge a book by its cover, the anime. Kintaro proves himself a genius in this episode, able to code user friendly software in a single week A program even more advanced than what office ladies collectively took months to compile. This is not realistic in any way shape or form, but nonetheless cathartic to see a man of culture prove his worth to women that thought him to be a neanderthal. The same thing will happen in the next episode that features a new girl, who depending on your level of degeneracy is even hotter than Madame.

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