Tsugu Tsugumomo Episodes 7-8 Fanservice Review

The middle episodes tend to be the best in most ecchi shows, and that continues here with plenty of obvious future BD redraws and de-censorship.  Not everything was censored though, as there was a very brief nipple sighting in episode 8.


Episode 7


There need to be more thigh shots like this in ecchi, IMO.



Episode 8


They missed one.



The service continues to be plentiful if a bit toned down, similar to the first season.

This show is awkwardly straddling the line between being a family show and being an ecchi show… which I’m not against in theory.  This was actually a very common format for anime in the 80s and 90s (Miss Machiko, Doraemon, etc) and it worked very well back then.  It’s just that to me, the manga itself feels a lot more hardcore and the family friendly elements are kind of a facade IMO.  The anime has gone the other direction.

I guess it will still give us nipples to enjoy but I can’t help but think that this series could have been incredible in the hands of a different producer.