Golden Boy OVA Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Very Educational

From the mature Madame President to a barely legal Naoko, the daughter of a local politician running for office. Naoko is the jailbat of the harem; a voyeuristic sadist who enjoys teasing dudes employed by her overbearing father. Kintaro is her latest target, only she doesn’t know what a genuine man of culture he truly is.

this is the second episode Kintaro has been found massaging a toilet seat with his face. His perversion knows no bounds.

Probably not coincidental bear placements.

Naoko begins her teasing mission by dragging Kintaro to a private room and stripping down to her underwear. Despite being back turned, a strategically placed mirror gives him full view of the entire act.

She is fortunate that Kintaro is indeed a gentleman. Otherwise she would have been impregnated by now.

This….is a high school student. Have to be told such to remember that fact. She continues her diabolical plan to cock tease Kintaro into submission.

her crotch is censored for comedic effect. not a version of the episode without such, pretty sure. No one on the street notices this public act of indecency for some reason. the cockteasing continues for several days with each attempt being more aggressive than the last.

The fapservice community in a nutshell. Golden Boy has nudity in four of six episodes.

precisely the viewer reaction

Naoko steals Kintaros precious journal out of curiosity. Turns out he’s been writing about how much of an insecure bitch she is and correctly deduces that her hoe tendencies are thinly veiled attempts to piss off her father. Ouch.

Unable to cope with being owned so hard, she naturally devises a plan to ruin Kintaros life. Perhaps fatally.

what a gangsta

ya think?

Kintaro proves how big his love is by kissing the daughter of a mayor right in front of him. A heroic action, if not reckless. This moves Naoko enough to realize she’s been a dumbass the entire episode and was wrong to vent her insecurities through the manipulation of men.

Once again, Kintaro snares the heart of a babe who initially labeled him a neanderthal, only to later realize he’s a sincere gentleman. An inspirational figure for men of culture worldwide. Should Kintaro return to her at the end of his adventures he has a free ticket to getting laid with no strings attached. Living the dream.

I’ll be skipping episode three due to lack of fanservice. For the unfamiliar, its when he works at the noodle shop and tries to prevent the owners daughter from marrying a con artist. Great episode that again reinforces Kintaro’s sincerity, but nothing appropriate for the site. This means the next review will be of the darked skinned goddess Ayoko.

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