Golden Boy OVA Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Very Educational

Ayuko is a top tier dark skinned waifu; an olympic swimmer with an arrogant attitude and perfectly toned body. Kintaro joins her academy to work as a coach and as per usual, gradually melts the heart of a babe that underestimates his potential.

there are a million comparisons between Ayuko’s exotic beauty to the wildlife of an African safari. More or less the theme of the character.

Best ass in the harem by a mile.

Kintaro must show his swimming expertise before working as a coach. Makes sense. Surely he knows how to swim.

Dude nearly drowns in a waist deep pool. Ayako isn’t impressed.

Kintaro scores a second opportunity by challenging an olympic swimmer to a future race.  In the meantime, he will work for the facility without pay while training. Dude is committed to that ass.

All of the ancillary female characters are sexy in Golden Boy. You might see them for  twenty seconds of a twenty seven minute episode, but they’ll look damn good in those twenty seconds.

Kintaro is a hit with the children, helping them to learn swimming while making the activity appear fun and accessible. Ayuko can’t yet see the value in his teaching style, however.

this will likely be the most absurd gif I ever make. All of this was a fantasy in Kintaro’s delusions, of course. He challenges Ayuko to a race after a few weeks have passed. Usually, challenging an olympian to a competition is a bad investment. But Kintaro manages to reap some fun rewards here.

Not a feet guy, but I’d imagine those people would love this scene.

Sound is enabled for these gifs to hear Ayuko’s hot moan. For my fellow moan enthusiasts out there.

Good at what is the question.

Kintaro has made major improvements as a swimmer in this short period. From drowning in a waist deep pool to suddenly being able to catch an olympian.

Kintaro is fired for exposing himself to Ayuko, though it was accidental. But his impact on the club has already been made clear.

Again and again Kintaro positively changes the environment he inhabits before leaving to his next destination. Ayuko realizes that his intentions were genuine. She left in awe of his passion for swimming. Kintaro has a free ticket into her panties if he so choose to return. But his adventures stop for no one.

The next episode is of the biker chick. She is hands down the most erotic character in Golden Boy. Fitting for what will likely be the final review as I don’t recall episode six being fanservice focused.

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