Peter grill gets a 2nd PV


The need to make strong babies.


A new pv for Peter Grill was released with an air date of July 10th announced. Already went over the details of the show in the first pv but in case you didn’t see it. The overall plot of the manga is the main character wins a tournament which deems him the strongest swordsman in the country as a result. Because of this he now has various girls from different countries all trying to get impregnated by him so they can give birth to strong children for their country. He also happens to have a girlfriend with a crazy father so he doesn’t want to cheat on her else he’ll face the father’s anger. He gives in anyway and has to keep everything he is doing with the women a secret from both of them while still dealing with the women wanting to fuck him.



In case you missed it last time we have confirmation that nudity will be in the show while the manga was non nude. Back in april the studio released an uncensored version of the original pv on their vimeo channel which has now been deleted both the video and the account. This was strange especially since they eventually announced the uncensored pv on the main site around that time to be shown for a limited time as well only for that news announcement to be deleted also. Was this someone acting without permission and showing it when they weren’t supposed to or something else? Regardless we got to see that the show will indeed have nudity in it. Here are some uncensored pics from the original pv of the scenes with nudity (some of these same scenes appear censored in this pv as well).


These were from that uncensored first pv so we know for certain the show will have nudity be it on BD or an uncensored airing (more on that in a bit).

This second pv has a few instances where you can see nipples as well if you go frame by frame.

Same scene from the first pv but you can see the girl in the back slightly. Pointless since we already have the full uncensored pic but worth pointing out.

If you look closely at the bottom you can see the top half of one. Or at least that is what it looks like as it seems to be darker than the shadows. And of course there is finally the obvious one of..


Will we get an uncensored 2nd pv like we did with the first? Who knows since it’s hard to tell if that first was intentional or a fluke of someone doing something on their own. If by chance an uncensored one does appear it will probably be deleted fast. The show starts airing on July 10th on Tokyo MX but there is something else of importance to note.

So far an AT-X airing hasn’t been announced yet but don’t lose hope because there is something else announced for the other stations. So far only 4 stations have been announced which I assume will increase as we get closer so an AT-X airing isn’t off the table just yet but the important thing is that there are two versions of the show listed to be aired on two of these. The first two stations are normal tv stations while danime store and jcom are online digital stores that sell the episodes. Notice something of importance here?



The online stores are offering six days later a “Great Sage version” of the show. What does this entail? The first thing that comes to mind is that this might be their way of calling it uncensored or at the very least less censored. So there does appear to be a different version of the show that will air online to buy around a week later after the initial episode. So far at-x has no announcement yet but it could be possible this version will show up there as well.

Ishuzoku Reviewers did something similar to what this show might be doing in which there was an uncensored version of the show to buy on the digital stores around a week later (coincidentally it was six days later and on both the danime store and jcom the same two stores displayed here) while at-x got the uncensored version first instead of waiting a week from the normal broadcast like these digital stores did. The digital stores were obviously just a way for non subscribers to see it uncensored if they couldn’t see it earlier on at-x. So the question is will that happen here as well? We still have a month to go and the announcement could happen anytime before then so hopefully we’ll we see an at-x airing. And if we do will it be uncensored and if it is will it also be the first airing of the show or will it be a week later like the digital stores also?

We know for a fact nudity will be in the show based on the uncensored pv and we know that there is going to be a different version online which presumably will be uncensored to some degree but what we don’t know is if this “Great Sage version” will be exclusive to the digital stores or not or will it appear on at-x as well and when. In short we have 4 possibilities. No at-x airing, at-x airing but censored, at-x airing and uncensored and airs on the first day, or at-x airing and uncensored but airs a week later. We should get some kind of announcement soon I hope as it might simply be the at-x airing contract isn’t finalized yet. Regardless if there ends up being an uncensored at-x airing or not we know that there will at least be a different version of the show compared to what is shown on tv that will be available online a week later at the very least. Let’s hope they do put this version on at-x also and give it the same first airing date so we don’t have to wait a week to see the good version like we will have to if this sage version is exclusive to digital stores.

I wanted to do a post on the IR BDs but gfycat is still broke. We had our redgifs accounts created but then they vanished right after and so we have no place to upload nsfw webms currently. In short gfycat doesn’t allow nsfw stuff anymore and is making everyone upload to redgifs instead. The problem is here we are a month later and our gfycat accounts have still yet to be transferred over so we can start using redgifs. This is why the lack of show posts because most writers are unable to upload webms. Annoying because the second BD for IR comes out in like 2 weeks and I wanted to get the first done before that.