Golden Boy OVA Episode 6 Fanservice Review

Very Educational

this is the final review of Golden Boy. Episode 6 is the most “meta” as it highlights the stressful work conditions of animation studios under tight deadlines.

Kintaro makes an immediate observation of the curves of this beautiful animator, later to be named Chie. You never see her wearing less than what she has on now in this episode. but you do get some drawings like so.

i am convinced that every person with a modicum of artistic talent has a self-made porn stash.

Boss lady is the producer for the film that the studio has been hired to work on. She is none too pleased about their lack of progress. Her patience dwindles further after meeting Kintaro.

The studio only has a few days to finish their film. Kintaro, the eternal optimist, tries to cheer everyone up.

one of the best scenes in golden boy. He summons his entire harem to help Chie and the studio complete their project in time.

in large part thanks to Kintaro’s efforts the film is a success. He then disappears, as is tradition, to the dismay of his harem. Chie at least has gained much from her short experience with him.

Golden Boy is one of my favorite anime ever, ecchi or otherwise, so it feels good to finish this project. Something I can look back on with some sense of degenerate pride.  Hopefully you got something out of it too. If by some miracle this series gets a remastered release I’ll be on it day one.

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