Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 10:

What is there to study on a holiday trip?? BOOBS!! (^^)v

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review of Grand Blue!! (^_^) All Peek a Boo members are finally in Okinawa!! It’s an episode full of swimsuits here!! After checking into the beach house, Aina is looking forward to make happy memories in this place. Her initial happiness is quickly dashed upon seeing the men in the group running around naked. XD

At the beach, Iori and Kohei decided to ride a Jet Ski to determine which one of them to sleep on the bed together with Tokita and Kotobuki. XD During the ride, both of them tried to sabotage each other making them falling from the boat. It results in them falling off the boat at the same time. Seeing how fun it was riding, things work differently when it comes to Aina while riding together with Tokita and Kotobuki.

Back at the beach house, Kotobuki and Tokita states that Kohei won by “a wave”. And because of that, Asuza lets Iori to sleep in her room together with Nanaka. XD The male mc is soo LUCKY to be able to sleep with 2 voluptuous ladies beside him. (T_T)

However, Iori is too excited to sleep for that night. So, he ends up studying for the whole night and have to choke himself into unconsciousness in order to sleep. XD (Well, everything comes with a price i guess)

The next day, Iori, Kohei and Aina all took part in a multiple choice question test and also a practical diving test. During the test, Chisa checks on Iori and found that OPPAI is all Iori have written into his paper. XD

During the practical diving test, Aina gets tempted to lie about her oxygen levels as she is worried of holding back her friends like in her previous Tennis club. However, Iori stops her and helped her by assuring her that the seniors in Peek a Boo are better than the one from her former club.

After all the emotinal support from Iori and the other senior members, the group all celebrates together. Suddenly, Nanaka approaches Iori and tells him that he’s about to fail the test. XD

With only a couple of episode left to go, the story is progressing really well with very good comedy and great character development too. I’m not sure whether will there be any romantic progress between Iori and Chisa, but I’m enjoy things the way they are now and hopefully the good run of stories continues towards the end. XD It’s been an enjoyable series so far and I hope everyone enjoys watching Grand Blue too. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the last couple of fanservice review to come. (^_-)