Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Manga to Get TV Anime

More notably, the anime will be directed by Hiraku Kaneko.

The veteran ecchi anime director will return for his first anime since Valkyrie Drive in 2015.

This news was pretty surprising.  For the lack of ecchi anime there’s been in recent years, there’s been no shortage of quality ecchi manga with anime potential out there.  A few times I’ve thought of making a “Top Ten Best Ecchi Manga to Not Yet Have an Anime” kind of post, and Nande Koko ni Sensei ga wouldn’t have made the cut.  I don’t think it would have even made a top 25.

But whatever.  The manga may be super low on substance and reputation, but for fans of ecchi substance is negotiable so long as the ecchi aspect delivers.  Given the nature of the manga and the choice of director, it’s pretty clear what this anime wants to do.

It’s not yet known how many episodes we’ll get, or how long they’ll be.  The source material is probably more comparable in stature to something like Hantsu x Trash or Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! (at best) than it is to High School DxD or Monster Musume.  So it’s possible we might get a short episode format like Okusama had.  Unfortunately there’s no real way of telling right now.  We probably won’t know for a few months.


Expect lots and lots of stuff like this.

Kaneko does seem like a good fit for this material.  Kaneko is famous for his manic obsession with breasts and nipples, and the boob and nipple design in the manga is anything but subtle.  This is also the kind of material where Kaneko’s habit of taking things to zany extremes could actually help make the the series more interesting since the base story is so thin.  You can already detect his creative touch at the website when Kana’s bosom bounces as you click it.

The anime studio involved is Tear Studio.  I don’t know where they came from but they are a new studio who’s only previous project was co-animating Lord of Vermilion, one of the lowest rated anime of the Summer 2018 season.  I guess that’s not great, but then again this isn’t exactly the kind of material the likes of Kyoani or Bones would sign up for.

All that said, I’m hyped.  The manga may not be that deep, but the artwork is actually really great, and the key visual (above) looks quite nice.  Hopefully, there ends up being a decent amount of money behind this project and we get a real anime with a dozen 23-minute episodes.

If nothing else, it will be exciting to see Kaneko get an anime where he gets to truly call the shots for the first time in a while.  His previous two anime were collaborative projects (Valkyrie Drive, Maken-Ki Two!).