Harukana Receive 7-9

Winding up to the climax! New Girls! New Swimsuits!

I have a love-hate relationship with Harukana Receive right now! I’m at that part where the plot is heating up, the service is dimming a little, and the dialogue and action are getting redundant. Thank god for Episode 9! Action picks up and there is more focus on the best girl to come.

Episode 7

Episode 7 has a new Idol Girl named Akari. I never bit into the idol craze, but i’m sure there is a crowd for that. We get treated to a different type of opening in episode 7: Akari is dreaming of being an Idol!


Episode 8

Episode 8 starts off normally, as we get special introduced to best girls Mother! Oh mama!

In a new flashback we get treated to even more loli best-girl pair. I can live with that!


The episode ends with a post credit scene, so make sure you watch to keep up with the story. This leads us off to a very strong episode 9!

Episode 9

With the base story-line out of the way, our heroines find out that there is only one spot past the qualifiers. That spells doom for the earlier episodes promise for both best girl team and main team of Haru and Kana to make it to Nationals. Which means, that if they make it to the finals, we have a inter-club fight on our hands.
But first they have to make it through a orange-striped bikini team!

Cue the team of orange bikini girls. Probably my second favorite girls in the series thus far!

Homina Homina Homina

After Haru and Kana defeat the orange pair, they are up in the finals against their trainers. Haruka and Kanata vs Clair and Emily.
Oh boy I can’t wait for the next Episodes. Catch you in the finale!






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