Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 11:

She’s getting wet here…… You gotta be doing something about it!! XD Don’t get the wrong idea, they’re really going to have sex!!

As Iori was worrying how Aina and Kohei would react when they see him fail his remaining diving test, he tries to think of a way to practice diving privately.  However, Chisa overheard his plans and became wary of him. XD

The Peek a Boo member then rented a vehicle to drive to the nearby fish market. However, the only vehicle that can fit all of them is a flatbed truck. Luckily, Aina has a truck driving licences. XD

Finally, they arrived at the fish market. (^_^) Aina becomes disturbed when the other Peek a Boo members approached vendors at the market and orders all sorts of things that seems to be lewd. Chisa explained that they were actually names of fishes. (=_=) (It was funny, but I forgot to laugh)

However, it was weird for Iori to ask vendors for selling him a poisonous fish. XD (I think he should try to catch one himself) Back at the beach house, the group splits into pairs to cook dinner in shifts. Iori manages to pair up with Chisa, and asks for help on his diving practice. However, Aina and Kohei think they are dating.  😆

Later that night, Aina stalked Chisa and was shocked to hear that Chisa complaining of getting wet and Iori advises her to take off her clothes. XD  When Aina busts in on the two in the pool, Iori and Chisa only explained that Chisa was only helping Iori to practice diving. XD So, Aina joins Chisa to help Iori too.

A passerby witness their suspicious activity and he called the cops. Aina and Chisa then left as Iori strips off his swimming trunk to practice more. XD Just when Iori was about to leave the pool, a police officer appeared, forcing Iori to stay in the pool longer fearing to be seen naked by the police officer.

The next day, Iori ends up getting a cold from unable to get out of the pool naked and had to stay in bed. XD While Aina and Kohei continue their diving test, Asuza stays behind to take care of Iori.

After some questionable home remedies with a leek, Asuza offers to have sex with Iori. XD !!!! However, Iori refuses. XD (Maybe alcohol is the best medicine to Iori XD)

Later, Iori discovers that Tokita actually has a girlfriend from Asuza which greatly upsets Iori. He then ends up drinking together with Asuza. XD

In the meanwhile, Aina and Kohei return with their diving licences!! (Congratulations to them) They returned only to find Iori passed out naked after drinking together with Asuza. It was hilarious to see the leek was sticking straight out of Iori’s butt. XD (Speaking of the leek and the blue haired girl on Kohei’s shirt, I reminds me of someone very familiar. It’s probably a gag for Orihime from Bleach XD) (^_-)

Finally, there’s some changes in the ending for this episode!! XD I have to say that this would be the funniest episode of Grand Blue. To know how funny was it, I highly recommend you give to give this anime a try and watch it!! (^_-)b That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode and thanks for reading everyone. Last but not least, stay tuned for the last episode of Grand Blue to know how it ends!! (^^)v