Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 3:

Fanservice for the win!! Oppai is used in the Ultimate Battle Strategy!! (^^)b

This episode is mostly about the gun fight between Rushuna and the King and how how Rushuna execute her Ultimate Battle Strategy!! (^^)b Without saying much, let’s proceed with the story of Rushuna invading the castle.

Rushuna easily got the upper hand while fighting the king. She was held by Jester and was informed that the king did not grow due to the price for using the weapon called “Enlighten Evil” in order to get stronger.

The battle then continue again, although Rushuna was reluctant to fight him.

Rushuna had no where to run and she needs to ends this battle quickly. She then decides to use a special bullet to destroy the king’s armor to save him from the “Enlighten Evil” weapon.

The first shot was futile as the armor is able to recover from the bullet’s destructive power. Hence, Rushuna fired multiple shot of this special bullet this time and she managed to destroy the armor. (That shooting really require some sharp accuracy XD)

The destruction of the armor created a huge blast. Without the armor, the king’s body starts growing. Although he was still holding a gun, Rushuna was able to execute the Ultimate Battle Strategy which is to eliminate the enemy’s will to fight by smiling and putting their heads to her bosoms. XD

Before Rushuna execute her Ultimate Battle Strategy, the king is already staring at Rushuna’s boobs. XD Well, that is totally normal as who could resist that massive pair of boobs? I am very sure the king is enjoying every moment there. (^_^)

The king took a really long time enjoy Rushuna’s mountains. The girls from the previous episode was worried about the king after the blast occured and went up to see him there despite being injured too. However she couldn’t take the blow that the king is currently enjoying Rushuna’s breast and fainted on the spot. XD After that, all the people are grateful of Rushuna’s actions.

In the end, Rushuna continued her journey together with Yajiro to spread more of her Ultimate Battle Strategy. It must have been sad for the girl from the previous episode as she had no boobs to offer for the king. XD However, there’s probably hope for her if she can finds Manyuu Chifusa here and consult her about the Chichi Nagare technique. XD I have to admit that I’m not the specialist when it comes to Manyuu Hickenchou, so it would best for the Manyuu Guy here to discuss more about it. (^^)/

In overall, the fanservice for this anime is very consistent so far but it could have been better. Hopefully it can continue to impress us with more of the Ultimate Battle Strategy. (^^)b Thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review!! (^^)v

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