Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 12 (FINAL):

NICE BOAT!! It’s a happy ending where the male mc is still alive and everyone was there for diving!! (^_^)b

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the very last episode of Grand Blue fanservice review!! Finally, we reached the final episode of this show where all the craziness comes to an end and it’s time to close the book. (^_-) In this episode, all the Peek a Boo members meet up at Miyakojima to go deep sea diving. (^^)

It was unfortunate for Iori as he screwed himself for unable to finish his diving licence exams by getting sick. XD And becaused of that, he was forced to stay in shallow water while the others went to dive somewhere deeper. That was a really a bummer when the others are boasting their experience diving under water. XD

It’s an understandable painful experience for Iori. Chisa decided to stay behind on the boat on the third dive so that Iori wasn’t too upset for being left out.

While Chisa is trying to comfort Iori, it turns out that Iori is having seasickness. XD He tells Chisa that despite missing the license test, he was having fun diving and would love to come back again. However, diving activities are expensive, so he’ll only bring Chisa along when he strikes a lottery. XD

After all the fun from diving, all Peek a Boo members went back to the shore. It must have been tiring after a whole day but it was certainly a fun time underwater. (^_^)

Later that night, after being informed that the Peek a Boo group was banned from their chosen restaurant, Tokita and Kotobuki announce that they will hold their own “Otori” at the hotel, where everyone will take turns to drink from a pot mixed with alcohol. This might be the hilarious part of this episode, but I’ll be skipping most of this part. To know what is in here, be sure to watch this anime!! (^_-)

In the end, everyone had a great time on their holiday trip to Okinawa and Miyakojima. By the time they went back, the photographs sums up all the happy memories they had there!! (^_^)

That’s all for the reviews for this episode. Now let’s proceed with the ratings!! (^^)/

Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/Ending: 10 No doubt, BEST OPENING OF THE SEASON!! Although I never heard of Shonan no Kaze before, I really liked this song a lot. This song is like no other anime openings with a very special style of music and amazing rhythm like a Japanese version of Flo Rida or maybe more than that. XD It was a really good opening that combines well with the theme of this anime and made my so hyped up to watch this anime. I’ve even downloaded this song so that I can play it again and again. (^_^)b

Character Development: 10 First of all, this anime was done by the directors of Baka to Test and Gintama which are all well known comedic anime. Hence, this anime did not disappoint us with loads of crazy antics from the characters and also a lot of funny moments too. Basically, this show is mostly 40% “nudes”, 40% drunkenness and only 20% diving, they still had very good character development. Even I’m not someone who is really interested in diving, I still get to learn a thing or two about diving in an interesting way. Who knows they’ll be handy in future? XD I like the flow of the story where they get to know each  of the characters from the beginning with good description of character background to how they worked hard to buy diving equipment and also their diving trip to Okinawa and eventually how they’ve enjoyed their trip there. Overall, this is a very all rounded character development and a very good balance of fanservice!! (^_^)b

Comedy/Parody: 10 This anime is seriously a gut buster!! In the Bible, we all know that Jesus performs miracles by turning water into wine. In Grand Blue, we’ve seen another miracle again where all waters there contains alcohol and Oolong tea is flammable too. XD Basically, it’s already a miracle that this controversial story that is about nudes and drunkenness among students is made into an anime!! Some parties might get offended about all the controversial stuff, but wasn’t intentional as it was mentioned from the very beginning and every episode of it that all those excessive drinking was all for comedy purposes. XD Therefore, let’s all keep calm and enjoy the laughs. In reality, it is impossible to drink such a high amount of alcohol in one go as it would be dangerously life threatening. Maybe the people there have some superpowers with them, I don’t know…..

Illustrations: 10 The animation and art for this anime is really good. The producers did a great job handling this anime!! I just love those “exaggerated” facial expression from the characters, everyone of them is just so epic unlike any other anime. XD Surprisingly, those facial expression created even more funny moments for this anime and it made this anime even more funnier. XD

Fanservice: 10 The fanservice of this anime is crazy. I have received a lot of complaints and hate comments from readers because of the “nudes” in this anime. However, those “nudes” got a greater number of views compared to the boobs and ass fanservice I’ve made. XD Aside from the comments, the numbers says something too. On average, the boobs and ass figures usually reached up to 5 figures number of views. However, those “nudes” is capable of reaching 6 figures. XD I am not a fan of these kind of “nudes” and I don’t know what is going on with the readers here too. This anime got lucky that I didn’t deduct my ratings on them for those. I’m not sure whether will they be showing “elephant trunks” in the BD.

But there are a lot of shows that have “nudes” like this out there too. For instance, we have Spider Man and Iron Man in Marvel, we got Batman and Superman in DC. In Grand Blue, we probably have drunk and naked men, although I’m not sure what kind of superpowers they have. XD

Average: 10.0! Grand Blue is most certainly and definitely the black horse of the season!!! Who would expect a show like this to be so surprisingly good? Maybe I’m really drunk to give them such a high score. But before this is finished, please give me another glass of Oolong Tea!! (T^T)

It’s been fun covering this anime.(^_^) Hope you guys enjoy watching this anime too and thanks for reading this review!! If you guys haven’t watch it because of the “nudes” there, I’ll highly recommend you guys to give this show a try so that you guys won’t be missing out the fun there. Trust me, you guys won’t be getting a show like this often. XD Till then, adios!! (^^)v