Conception fanservice review episode 2



Conceiving disappointment.


So the atx version of episode 1 that aired yesterday hasn’t been uploaded to check and see if anything was different from ep1. Specifically that part from last week that looked like it could be censorship when stuff got in front of the screen was the part to check. No one on japanese forums seems to have said anything about it either so I’m assuming nothing was changed. Also considering the tameness of this episode I am now no longer expecting any kind of censorship anyway at this point.


As I said last week no sex was going to happen unless they altered the source material. And even though someone could had held onto some minuscule hope that they would change it (especially since the director has done hentai before) no one I hope seriously expected it and should had anticipated it to all be clickbait to avoid disappointment. Itsuki and Mahiru start the ritual to create a star child only for it to be born and appear before they even do anything. Reone explains to them that star children are created by simply bonding with the woman and having physical contact. Don’t know why they don’t mention hand holding like the second game does but whatever. All you need to do to make babies is have an emotional connection and then touch.

The big problem though here is the lack of something I said last week. As I mentioned sex was not going to happen but the games did give psuedo sex scene type stuff with moving silhouettes. However despite showing similar silhouettes at the start of the first episode which gave hope this stuff would be present they are not. There is nothing service wise gained from this scene at all as a result. Mahiru is clearly topless here yet they don’t even present the possibility of seeing it either. If they were going to remove those fake sex scenes then they could had at least given visible breasts since people are willing to sit through some of the worst shit imaginable if it at least provides nudity but no this show wants you to suffer and suffer we shall as this is pretty much the end of most of the service for the episode other than another fake out later at the end.

Later Itsuki and Mahiru are told by jar jar binks that their star child was sent to a foster home where it will be trained so it can fight the impurities in the dungeons. Eventually they crash into a girl doing a parody of that running with toast thing in her mouth and leave.

The tsundere being Cancer is the only thing entertaining this show has done so far.

Arriving at the class they meet all the other maidens that need to be used to create children as Itsuki is told he must bond with them as best he can since the stronger the bond the stronger the star children created. We see that jar jar binks and Ruka were doing the toast thing earlier to try and get Itsuki interested in her so they can make better children.

Thanks for making me wish this was a final fantasy 6 anime instead.

Later there is a cherry blossom festival that everyone goes to so they can use this as a chance for the girls to bond more with him. He goes to talk with Ruka some more as she tries to read his mind because she has magical powers and wants to see if he is a good enough person to have kids with but can’t read it because of him not being from that world. Afterwards Mahiru comes by to talk with him to remind everyone that she is the main girl and must be in as many scenes as possible.

Later Itsuki is preparing for his first trip to the dungeons and decides to go visit his star child to check up on it. He also gets a handjob from jar jar binks before this. There he meets Alfie whom trains the star children. Apparently according to those that played the first game in japanese this is an anime original character that wasn’t in the original. Guessing she might be added into the remaster who knows. Hopefully we will get some lewd out of her even if she is just a minor character. But considering this show’s track record so far I won’t hold my breath.

Seriously? You won’t even give us a pan showing a close up of her body with those clothes removed? I do not have a positive outlook on the service level for the future of this if you can’t even give us that.

Itsuki goes to visit Ruka afterwards at the orphanage she works at and then later goes to her house to make another star child and she agrees and they strip and touch to make a baby. Like the instance at the beginning of the episode the thing that if shown would had given us service does not happen. At first I thought they might had skipped it at the beginning since it was the first time and an explanation was needed but no even during the second instance those cutscenes from the games are not present so looks like no service will really come out of this stuff.

They are really going to do this each episode aren’t they?

Meeting with the king the next day, Itsuki is given 12 star wards which he has to place at the end of each of the dungeons in order to complete his mission as these wards have the ability to drain the impurities of their power.  The door to the dungeon which has 12 different bottom floors he must reach can only open by all 12 maidens doing their magic unsealing thing. After opening the door Itsuki enters along with jar jar binks and his two children the normal fox looking one from Mahiru and the retarded looking one that came from Ruka. Let that be a lesson never have kids with a tsundere.

Itsuki and the kids get their shit wrecked by the first monster they come across. The kids after being killed turn back into dolls as Itsuki runs. Jar Jar Binks tells him they have to escape and come back later with stronger children as Itsuki escapes with the intention of trying to make better children to avoid this again. And the episode but unfortunately not the show ends with this. The pv shows Reone and the girl with elf ears and bluish green hair so I guess we get them next. Also if you want something bizarre watch the end credits.



Webm Album.



Nothing. Seriously nothing. Not a single redeeming quality about this. The artwork is filled with “quality” moments that I considered taking as many pics of these parts to show it for lulz purposes but this show doesn’t even deserve that kind of respect. The writing is atrocious and badly paced, the characters boring, the voice acting for some characters kills me, the art looks like they didn’t do any corrections or editing for all these “quality” moments to be present, and to make matters worse no service. Even with all the show’s problems it could still be salvageable with decent service but we don’t even get that in a last ditch effort to save it either. How do you fuck up this bad? To anyone not familiar with the games it probably is easier to stomach but for those that played Conception 2 and liked it this show is just painful because of the fact that Conception 2 would had easily made for a more interesting anime both in story and service. Then again maybe that would had ended up just as bad as this one so perhaps not seeing that suffer this fate is for the best.

The removal of the pseudo sex parts from the games like I showed last week were the main reason I took interest in covering this show when it was first announced. Those parts offered so much potential for service with the freedom anime provides and yet they dropped it. I suppose if you really wanted to hold onto some hope maybe you could convince yourself that maybe they will have those happen later on after he has gotten closer to the girls but I am not getting my hopes up. Makes no sense to remove them either since in the commercials for the ps4 remaster you can even see them occurring briefly in it. So how the hell did they manage to make the anime have less service then the very game that they are showing the service for in ads? The show is a flop and if I wasn’t doing these posts I would honestly drop this shit and pretend it never existed. So this brings up the next thing and that is these posts for the show and their future.

I refuse to stop something once I have started so I have to finish this now that it has began but I may end up making these posts consist of multiple episodes per post instead of weekly. This episode had almost no service and if I focused only on the service parts like I intended on doing because this show’s story is to bad to even care about it then I would had been left with like 10 images. With the removal of those scenes I spoke about that kills the big service potential leaving only some minor each girl route stuff assuming of course there even is any to begin with. In Conception 2 each girl’s route did have service but here for the first game who knows since we never got the game to play to know for sure. So depending on the service in future episodes this may end up next being an ep 3-4 or even 3,4,5 post. Who knows plus if we end up needing something for filler for the day I might do an ep individual post as well just to delay things till better posts are ready.

For a season that has multiple anime adaptions of videogames we have a range of different quality for each. If you want a videogame adaption that at least is entertaining and better art there is the new season of phoenix wright that is covering the 3rd game and though not a masterpiece and rushed it is a far better adaption of a game then this is. We then have Senran which is actually doing the correct thing that Akiba’s Trip did 2 years ago by being it’s own original story rather then trying to turn a videogame into a watchable form. Plus Senran actually delivers on the service making it even better. Finally you have Conception a show that not only manages to make you lose interest in the source material but frankly damages it by being so horrible people associate the game with it. This show is not doing the games any favors and the fact that it is less serviceable than what the games provide is just rubbing salt in the wound. I’m now starting to regret not covering the r18 josei of the season instead since despite how generic they are at least they deliver something and don’t have me wanting to end it all like this show manages to do. Thankfully we have Senran tomorrow to make up for this.

You know what is worse? After this I have to go back to working on my hentai schedule post for October and this month has the worst title of the year releasing in it. Not only that multiple titles seem to be mocking me over something. Should have that post done to post next week before all the titles come out since most of this month’s releases are at the end of the month.