Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Fanservice Review Episode 02

Not a ton of fanservice this week, but this episode technically does have the first uncensored nipple sightings of the series so far.


About midway through the episode we get a promising bathing scene with Yuu’s seductive publisher, Reika.  She writhes around the tub in a constant state of near exposure, while flirting with Yuu and even moaning over the phone.  It’s a very sexy scene, thanks mostly to Eri Kitamura just nailing the part.

Unfortunately, this goes down as a missed opportunity for nipple sightings, though there is a decent butt shot at least.  Theoretically they could easily add nipples to this scene on blu-ray, but given that this episode is already airing uncensored with nipple sightings elsewhere in the episode, that seems very unlikely.


Next we get a changing scene from Suzuka.


The episode concludes as Yuu and Suzuka visit Ahegao “Double Peace” -sensei as part of a research effort for their love novel.  The place they visit ends up being an erotic doujinshi shop, which somehow surprises Yuu and Suzuka somehow, despite the nature of Ahegao’s profession being extremely obvious, and her name being a giveaway as well.


Here she demonstrates the meaning of her name.  The word “Ahegao” basically means “O-face” in Japanese, and the double peace symbol is a commonly used by girls just after male orgasm in hentai doujinshi and manga.


Ahegao then shows Yuu and Suzuka a tablet with some erotic works from her upcoming ‘love story’ project.  There’s a decently funny line about why she considers it a pure love story.  Anyway, nudes!


I’m assuming the last picture was meant to be a kind of self-portrait?  Maybe as a way of flirting with Yuu?


Overall Thoughts


The screencaps don’t really show it that well, but the art quality this episode was really, really bad.  As if done by an intern with maybe half the amount of time needed.  But I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

There is very, very little talent involved with the production of this show.  The dialogue writing is almost as bad as the art quality.  And unsurprisingly, this show looks well on its way to being among the lowest rated of the season.  I think that’s probably fair.

That said, I like these characters, I haven’t felt bored yet, and they’ve done enough that I actually care about what each of these harem candidates is going to look like when they eventually get naked.  Not exactly an anime to recommend, but I’m looking forward to each new episode all the same.

It definitely feels like the show has been bogged down by exposition so far, which has made the fanservice sparse and kind of forced.  I would bet this show will get pretty saucy eventually.  Even though it was just random naked girls and not the established characters, it was good to see realistically drawn breasts and nipples.

And at least for me, the story is interesting enough that I want to know how it turns out.  How exactly is this harem going to play out?  And do they have the guts to make Yuu and Suzuka a couple?