Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 2


Nudity for everyone.


This episode ends up delivering even more than the ova 3 years did by giving us nudity of pretty much every single character in the show(even the ones ignored in that ova) between this and the ED with only a few people missing. This episode is obviously supposed to be similar to Peach Beach Splash and even references it since this takes place afterwards.


Yumi and Yozakura are training but then Yozakura notices Yumi is not into it and is distracted. Yumi thinks back to how Azuka never showed up like she was supposed to last episode and they have heard nothing from her since then. Just then an arrow with a letter and invitation to a spa resort shoots at them.

Yumi worried that is a trap doesn’t want to go but the other do and eventually after winning a contest against her are able to convince her to let them all go even though she knows it seems too suspicious.

Meanwhile Homura and her group are carrying out a mission to force a politician to admit to all the wrong things he has done. After stopping his car and attacking they get interrupted by Miyabi and her group whom were hired by the same politician they are targeting to be his bodyguards.

As Homura and Miyabi fight and destroy each others clothes they are stopped by two arrows shooting at them similar to what happened to Yumi earlier. They decide to stop fighting and come up with an idea in which they both complete their missions. Miyabi forces the politician to have a press conference in which he admits to everything he has done and they will let him go alive. This will thus complete Homura’s mission of getting him to admit to his wrong doings on camera while simultaneously completing Miyabi’s mission of saving his life. As they both leave Homura looks at the arrow and sees the same spa resort invitation that Yumi got.

The next day all three groups arrive at the spa resort knowing that the whole thing is suspicious and to be on guard. Homura suggests that they should pretend to be fooled so that whoever is setting up the trap lets their guard down so they can easily take care of them when they reveal themselves. Everyone agrees as they change to enter the pool area.

As everyone starts to play, Homura wonders where Asuka and the rest of Hanzo are since they are missing. They conclude that they must just be late and continue on with what they are doing while Yumi gets worried about it. Eventually the others notice Yumi acting distracted and sad and Homura suggest they have a watergun fight. Haruka then tells everyone she has a special liquid that will turn all the clothes transparent and they should use that. (Would had been more fun if it had been an aphrodisiac).

Haruka agrees to be the judge and puts the chemical into all the guns. She states that once you are fulling exposed you are out and the winning team is the one whom has the last remaining players left as the match begins and plenty of nudity follows.

They knew people couldn’t fap to that mask being on.

After giving nudity of a bunch of characters we hadn’t gotten before such as Yomi, Haruka, Mirai, and others all the players are out except for the leaders of each group as they go to finish things off.

 Why must Mirai be holding that gun in the way?

All three end up attacking at the same time resulting in all three remaining players getting taken out and without a tape to take a closer look at who was last it is concluded to be a draw. Afterwards everyone goes to restore their clothes after Haruka tells them you just need to wash them with regular water to turn them back from transparent again.

After cleaning up, Gekkou and Senkou finally appear. Miyabi tries to fight them only to be knocked back by their power. They admit to being the ones that invited them to the resort and they did it so they could ask them to participate in the competition they are having to determine who is the strongest shinobi worthy of the title of shinobi master. When they refuse to care about that they are shown a video of Katsuragi, Ikaruga, Hibari, and Yagyu captured and told if they don’t participate they will kill them. With that they leave telling them they will send them the details of the competition later on.

As everyone heads home to prepare for what to do next, Yumi hears Asuka’s voice and tells the others to go home without her as she has something she has to do. She finds Asuka sitting at a playground and talks with her only for Asuka to tell her not to participate in the battle competition. And with that the episode ends and the ED credits start for the first time since we didn’t get them last week. The credits as predicted based on the title of the song ends up giving nudity the whole way through including of characters from the other games that have not appeared in the show yet such as Deep Crimson/Estival Versus.




WebM Album.



Not only much better on the service level than episode 1 but also much better than the ova as well on what it gave. We have now pretty much got to see everyone nude now of the main cast in the show. Though in some cases the view wasn’t perfect (need a better nude view of Imu) but we still have transformations and other stuff later that might give better views and angles. We even got nudity of the lolis and not just Mirai and Ryobi but even Kagura in the credits which I assume means she will be appearing in the show later. Though there are still some people missing such as Daidoji and Rin whom are not even in the credits. I would hope they show up later on though so we can get them as well. So far though it’s only 2 episodes in and the show has already demonstrated itself to be the best ecchi of the year.

As for the story they seem to had kept it at minimal so far but the setup kind of makes me think the entire plot of the the show might end up being a tournament arc. Also I am worried about the possibility that they are trying to get all the service out of the way early on to focus on more serious stuff once the story really goes into full effect but hopefully that won’t be the case. When the competition starts we will obviously get things like clothing damage and transformations for service during those parts of the story. As for stuff like this episode who knows how long lighthearted elements like that will continue on and if it will stay that way for most of the show. I would rather all the episodes just be like this with all the girls doing random non serious things filled with service but I’m guessing we won’t get that for the entire show once we get further in.

One downside though is that the BD information was announced and there isn’t anything about specials on it. Really disappointing since the first season had them and since TNK has done specials for shows in the past such as dxd and kenzen robo (both of which this director has done) it seems like an odd choice. The first BD contains 3 episodes instead of 2 like normally so they might be doing that to try and make up for it. Does make me worry about sales since there won’t be an incentive for people to get them and hopefully it won’t impact it negatively. Was looking forward to potential specials because of what they could had did with them now that we have the nudity barrier broke. Alternatively they could had used them for say New Wave characters which would had been nice as well. Will be interesting to see if New Wave characters show up later on in the show as Leo and Yuyaki are listed as character’s in New Link which is what the show seems to be heavily inspired by.

Next week based on the pv seems to be a hotspring episode so we for the time being still have some less serious stuff coming up. This should presumably provide us more service of all the girls and hopefully better angles and closeups of some of the characters from this episode that did not get as much (I want a full body shot of Imu and she better not have her glasses off in the hotspring). At the very least we can see from the preview some Haruka and Mirai service is going to be in it and a much better nude view of Haruka. So far the show has delivered just what people want especially if you have played the games and have attachment to the characters and now got to see those nude that we were denied in the ova. The episode itself overall felt better animated than the previous one as well so perhaps most of the budget is being used for the important service episodes. Hopefully the service level keeps up with each episode as well even in cases of if we start getting serious episodes in the future.

Obviously DLC characters from other series won’t show up like dead or alive. Can you imagine if it did though. Just think of the reaction if we actually got Marie Rose in this since she was dlc in peach beach splash and they ended up giving us nudity of her in the show. The internet would explode. Now time to try and resume work on my hentai schedule post after doing all the work for this one tired me out. This show is going to drain me with all the stitches and webms to make.