Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 2:

Warning of “explicit content” again, viewers discretion is advised!! XD

In this episode, Iori got home together with Chisa only to find the his seniors and uncle not wearing anything but an apron. XD

It’s too bad that Nanaka is wearing something. (ToT)……Nanaka told them that the event was postponed and they don’t have to wear like these anymore. XD

Since the event was postponed, the seniors are planning to go to a mixer with some girls from the local Oumi Women’s College. Nanaka refused to let Iori to join them as he already spent 2 nights outside without coming home.

So, Iori tries to make up his room to convince Nanaka that he’s responsible enough to go to the mixer.  Shinji, Ryujiro, and Kohei all “help” decorate his room. XD At first, the decorated room looks like this:

How is it possible to sleep in that room without getting excited? XD As a result, things get akward between him and Nanaka. XD

After that, things get awkward with Chisa when she’s checking on him. XD Iori still believes they will do a good job for him and leaves it to them while he went to help his uncle. XD Iori then explains to Nanaka that everything just now was a prank. Soon, it was Kohei’s turn to decorate his room. XD

And now, his room looks like this…..

Obviously, Iori was happy with it. The next time he checks on his room, it looked like this….Things get more and more awkward between him and Nanaka. XD

Eventually, his room ends up with nothing when Chisa checks on him again. XD

Then next day, Iori begins with his very first training sessions for diving. However, he was traumatized for what he saw underwater. XD

On the other hand, we saw Chisa with swimsuits too. How can she be so calm when she sees them not wearing anything? It’s probably too small that she can’t see it. XD

After the session, Nanaka brought Iori to the aquarium by Chisa’s request, inspiring him to give diving a try. 

After the trip, Iori shows his gratitude towards Chisa and he would definitely give diving a try.

That’s it for the fanservice review today. Thanks for reading everyone!! Stay tuned for the next episode of Grand Blue !! (^^)v