Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Episode 01-03 Fanservice Review


If you defeat a country in battle, just make their ruler your cute little sister.

Hi! My username is applebob, and I’m a new writer for Fapservice.com. What an honor and a privilege it is to be able to write for you guys! I stumbled across this heaven in 2014 by looking for High School DXD fanservice. I’ve been lurking for years, but since I graduated college this past May, I thought, “Hey, why not give back to the Fapservice community? Why not help others enjoy their relationships with ecchi anime characters?” So here I am. I hope you enjoy my first post.

I won’t comment on if this is a “good” first episode of an isekai anime or not, because I thought it was super funny. The characters are cute and what more could we really ask for? Before the events of the first episode, the main male character, Yuuto, took a picture of himself next to a shrine on his smartphone and got transported to a parallel universe. Then, he somehow won the trust of the people and became the leader of the Wolf Clan to get these girls, called the Einherjar, who surround and support him.

Get used to Felicia and her impressive blonde figure.

I would include some fanservice from the opening, but I didn’t find anything particularly appealing. The ending on the other hand. Ohohohoho! But we’ll get to that later.

The anime starts with Felicia protecting Yuuto, the cool but battle handicapped main character who is only useful when he wants to be.

Then we hear about this legendary warrior, Rune, who shows up on the scene. Then Yuuto asks her what she would like in return for helping his country win. Rune lights up and says, “Can you pat me on the head?” And then Felicia comments that she looks like a dog.

Now she’s a warrior



D’aww <3

This is the facial expression you get when someone threatens to kill everybody in your country unless you become his little sister.

Felicia, the blonde, notices that Yuuto has a boner.

She then says that she wants to relieve him of that extra energy. So she responds how any normal woman would respond…by seducing him.

If this isn’t a mouthwatering ass, I don’t know what is!

At first Rune is surprised, but she ends up saying, “Father, my body has little to offer you, but feel free to use it anyway!” Lines like these are both hilarious and boner inducing.

New character addition here. Stay tuned 😉

See how panicked Felicia looks? Well, Miss Crying Pink Hair’s village is being attacked. The episode ends with Yuuto wanting to save the villiage against the will of the other villagers.

Here’s some steamy fanservice from the ending:

(Above is thanks to ScissorMeTimbers :D)

Alright. That about sums up the first episode. Onto the second!

Episode 2 has a pretty O.K. bath scene. It’s not extremely eventful, but it has a nice touch. The best part about this episode is Linnea’s character development and Felicia’s beautiful titties.

Starts out with Linnea getting undressed.

Here’s an epic Seigrune eyecatch.

Next, we have a bath scene. If you already like Linnea, you’ll love this!

Linnea asks Yuuto to marry her!

Felicia responds by saying, “You can’t marry him unless you wash his back!” Of course Linnea agrees.

With this subtle glance here, indicating her hesitation but still desire to please Yuuto, is just another asset to Linnea’s intoxicating cuteness.

Felicia and Seigrune get mad when Yuuto says his back is clean enough. And, you know what? I’m mad at him. Who would turn that down?

At the end, Yuuto wants Felicia to feel better, so he pats her on the head. This show sure likes pats. That concludes the fanservice from episode 2.

Episode 3 starts off steamy with two new twin characters. They don’t really have much of a chest, but they have charm and cuteness, like with many loli characters.

Is this a yuri?


Although this scene between Yuuto and Linnea is cute and all, Felicia comes to blissfully interrupt him to get close to her best friend.

^ Click the gif to see the bounce XD

Linnea eyecatch.

Forget catcalling. What about cutecalling?

There wasn’t a ton of fanservice in this episode, but the opening scene with the twins was freaking fantastic.

I’m extremely thankful to WizardofEcchi for letting me contribute as a writer to the site, and I’m grateful to ScissorMeTimbers for all his help in teaching me the technical side of writing these posts. And thank you, my fabulous reader. I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to serving you juicy fanservice the next time! XD