Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 06

The episodic format continues (for now), with Chitose and Yuuna getting exclusive attention in the first and second halves, respectively.

The first episode is about Chitose’s day off.  Sadly not a lot happens for fanservice or otherwise.


Eyecatch.  Probably going to be uncensored on BD.


The second half focuses on a “date” between Yuuna and Kogarashi.  Yuuna never went on a date during her days among the living and considers it to be one of the regrets tethering her to the corporeal world.  It’s not a real date but Kogarashi being the fine upstanding MC helps her out (plus, he’s basically the only one who could do it anyway).

They decide to visit a couples retreat area, then later visit upon an indoor water park.  Yuuna tries on a couple of Bikinis and then loses the top half of one on the water slide.


Obviously, those bubbles will be going away.


This shot felt a bit cropped.  Maybe some side-boob action on BD?



Next episode teaser

Up next:  Yuuna’s Mysterious Disappearance

So it looks like the episodic format is about to go away, at least temporarily.  The next episode will be the start of a multi-chapter story arc where Yuuna is abducted and the good guys go after her.




webm album


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:


Four nipple sighting panels total, and all four of those shots are present in the episode.  There might also be a fifth (anime original) nipple sighting if that one tight shot is indeed cropped.


Overall Thoughts:


I’ve said a lot of good things about this show, but this episode was definitely miss-able, at least until BD.  The story had previously been surprisingly good when effort was put into it, so I’m looking forward to the upcoming multi-episode story arc.

Not that it’s the fault of the anime, it was staying true to the original, but it was still a bummer seeing a loli-character episode feel wasted.  Even just a little more service there would have gone a long way.