Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 7


Questing to save your waifu.


Another Shera service focused episode. Two main scenes primarily with one at the beginning because of what she is wearing and near the end for some slime doing tentacle type stuff.


Diablo has a dream in which he remembers when he was younger two kids whom he thought were his friends ended up just using him to get good items in a game. Don’t know why he is upset about that since he is the one waking up to two half naked girls on him while they aren’t. Also I’m going to guess they were playing monster hunter since it looks like a psp and since this is a flashback to years ago it couldn’t be a vita,

While the others leave to report on what is going on with the quest both Diablo and Shera stay behind so she can turn Keera down when he gets there. In the meantime Diablo tries making potions that he learned in the game but doesn’t know how to. He gets distracted looking at Shera and when he looks back he notices he made the potion without even thinking about it.

Watching gravure videos summed up.

Dianlo realizes that if he distracts himself while working he is able to do all the potion work instantly out of habit so he starts staring at Shera the whole time while making them. Eventually Keera shows up and Shera gets up to leave saying she is going back with him.

Wish we would get service of her.

Shera leaves with Keera saying she can’t wait for the others to get back. Keera reminds Diablo of the terms they agreed on and they leave. When Rem and Alicia get back Diablo tells them what happened as he returns to the room depressed.

Diablo spends the day in the room as Rem comes to try and convince him that they should go after Shera. Diablo realizes that she could be under control because they heard the flute playing but he thinks it was another reason instead. He thinks back on his time as a kid and how he thought people were his friends but were not and believes that possibility happened again and that Shera was faking their friendship as well and didn’t leave because of the flute. Diablo tells Rem that she was always betrayed by people before as well and and asks why she wants to face that possibility again. Rem tells him she will go after Shera regardless if that is true even on her own if she has to because she believes in their friendship. This convinces Diablo to go along with her after seeing how determine she is as Alicia joins them as they are leaving as well.

At the elves’s forest Keera explains to Shera how she has to do everything he says thanks to the flute and uses it to question her. He asks what stuff Diablo made her do with that collar and she replies with only the action he commanded on the first episode with her shaking hands. Keera gets surprised at this and gets ready to do stuff to her when he is interrupted by explosions outside.

Keera doesn’t bother to find out what that noise was and instead sends ou a slime that is this world’s version of Suu that eats clothing so that he can get Shera naked. Seems like it would be quicker to remove them yourself rather that wait especially if pressed for time but whatever.

As Keera is waiting for the slime to finish, Diablo and the others break into the room and Diablo cuts Shera down taking her back. Keera askes how they got there past all the guards only for Diablo to point out all of them were beat by him.

I’m not expecting any kind of changes here on BD for Shera’s clothes though. The remaining fabric and slime looks like it is conveniently placed but considering the big deal Diablo made earlier about almost seeing her nipples I would think if they were meant to be shown here he would have some reaction regardless of how serious the situation is and since he didn’t I would assume it will stay that way. But who knows surprises have happened before so maybe they will but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Diablo tells Keera that he wants to hear from Shera again if she wants to stay there or not to confirm if she is under control or not. Keera activates the spell again so that she gives the answer he wants but then Diablo uses his power over her with the collar and orders her to answer without any outside influence. This allows her to break out of Keera’s spell and admit to wanting to stay with Diablo.

Too easy and too many jokes.


Keera having been stopped decides he will just destroy everything now if he can’t have Shera and calls out a powerful summon since apparently too many people in this world don’t do their own fighting and have to rely on pokemon. Diablo gets ready to fight the summoned monster and the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Not as much as the previous episode but still a decent amount of service. Next week will finish all the elf stuff up and will probably be more story focused but I assume it will cover a certain service scene after that which will be really interesting to see what they do because of the potential it has. We should be getting Sylvie service next week presumably and the scene does give some nudity potential to it for them to add on BD if they go that route.

Volume wise we are right near the end of volume 4 of the manga and still volume 2 of the LN. I can kind of take a guess on how far they are going to get and where they will end it but they are going to have to move much faster to reach that point with only 5 episodes left. Hopefully they don’t skip any of the service scenes in that case if they are trying to reach that point.

I should had made a joke about those colored slimes in twilight princess that you can scope up in bottles and drink to restore hearts or magic. I only ever used those in that one multifloor dungeon when halfway through you can find them and it is smart to use anything in your bottles at that point to restore yourself and take the slime for later to replace it. The only real reason for doing that dungeon though is the topless great fairy. Why doesn’t the twilight princess one have as much porn as the ocarina of time one? The one in oot and even used again in hyrule warriors is nasty as shit looking. At least the one in TP didn’t look like she had a disease. At least the game game us plenty of midna porn even if they ignored that great fairy.