Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 7 Fanservice Review

When your Hips have their own zip code.

Coming off a great vanilla-tier pool episode last week, let’s see how Sunohara changes pace…

Starting with a horror movie, like the Ring, but with more under age kids and milfs with personal space issues.

Scared from the prior horror, Aki takes his body pillow in training to the loli’s room for safety.

and then, the two best characters in this show arrive.

like always, the loli is unnecessary, unless she is with Aya, then she is bonus.

After a pathetic reaction to the Ring, Aki heads to the gym to work on his delts, butt there he spies magic…

Our little exercise competition ends with a Nana orgasm on the high bars… but there are still more gasms to come, apparently…

It seems like this bondage scene is supposed to tell us Aki is learning the art of massage somehow…

Fortunately for Aya, Aki seems to have the midas touch, so he tries it out on her, commence gasm #2, or at least the closest this show’s ever gonna get.

Content with pleasing his woman, Aki goes to help Nana and her friends with their homework……. for sexual favors.

Like I said, sexual favors.

Upon setting these images up for the review, I just noticed that Nana’s friend has her hand on Aya’s breast lol.

and lastly we have our end card, from another hentai-looking mother fucker. Nice nipple bumps, once again acknowledging the show runners understand women have nipples, they just aren’t showing us….

Amusing little episode, and certainly matching the last – even if the fetish pandering is a bit different.




Until next time.

go watch Steins;Gate 0.