Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 7


Childhood friends are the lewdest.


This episode continues on with giving 2 minutes of extra content in the r18 version and like the previous episode it is split across two different scenes. More importantly though is that we get content in this episode that we have yet to get in any of the other r18 shows. This is the first time a blowjob has occurred in one of these shows. The previous r18 ones either never reached or skipped them in their manga. We also get the appearance of the third character to be added to the group.


Sosuke and Yuki are at a play that Sunao has invited them to in which she has the leading role in. As they are watching it Yuki starts to get aroused watching the love confession scene in the play and wants to do stuff with Sosuke unable to hold back. If you are watching the standard version it cuts off here but the r18 version gives the following scene…

Yuki keeps tells Sosuke to stop watching Sunao on stage and to only look at her which of course has the double meaning of not wanting him to watch the play and to pay attention to what they are doing instead but also because she wants him all to herself and doesn’t want to share him. Yuki also starts thinking about how jealous she is of Sunao not only because she wants Sosuke instead of her but also since Sunao was able to pursue her dreams while Yuki had to be put in charge of a broken down building that her family passed onto her and didn’t get to do what she wanted. After they both finish and the scene ends both versions join back up here to continue on.

After the play they meet up with Sunao to tell her how much of a good job she did before they get ready to head home. As they are about to leave Sunao whispers to Sosuke that she saw what he and Yuki were doing in the audience (Which shouldn’t had been too hard to do since we saw that the place didn’t look all that crowded so how did they expect to not get seen with so few people in there not mention Sunao would had obviously been trying to find them in the audience).

When they get back home they find a girl waiting for them that knows Sosuke and is happy to see him. She tells everyone that she is his girlfriend which gets Sunao and Yuki pissed till Sosuke tells them that she is lying and that she is his childhood friend Yuzu that must have found where he was living now. Yuzu is dragged away by Sunao and Yuki and told that the room is already too filled with the two of them and him and that if she wants a room she must have the one next door instead (I assume it is Yuki’s old room since if there had been a spare room next door open all this time the whole plot of someone sharing a room with him would had never occurred).

As Sosuke is thinking about how Yuzu is living in the same building now he notices a hole in the wall he never saw before. He looks in the hole and sees it leads right into Yuzu’s room and he is able to watch her change as he thinks how he never noticed her body like that before and keeps watching. The standard version cuts a bunch of this out while the r18 version doesn’t. As he is watching her the wall starts to crack before falling down completely. Yuzu sees that he was watching her and gets happy at the thought and tackles him to the ground happily. In the standard version the scene cuts off here but the r18 version gives the following…

Yuzu happy over Sosuke showing that he has an interest in her proceeds to start sucking his dick before getting ready to have sex. I mentioned this before with other episodes but this show really handles all these normal ecchi type situations in the best way possible. We got the standard childhood friend that likes the main character but said main character never acknowledged her in that way plot point. However the way the situation plays out is much better than what we get in normal anime.

In a normal anime we would get this same type of scene in which the main character ends up spying on the girl naked and yet despite the fact that she like the main character and wants to be thought of that way it would almost always end in the girl using violence against the guy that she allegedly likes instead of being flattered that he finds her attractive which is what she wanted in the first place. But here we get the childhood friend discovers the main guy that she likes was watching her naked and the thought of knowing he finds her attractive enough to watch her leads her to believe her dreams of him liking her back the same way has come true and so overcome with happiness she jumps on top of him rips his pants off and puts his dick in her mouth before getting ready to fuck him. This is just how these situations should play out in all shows. I am really going to miss this show when it ends. At this point is when both versions join up again.

Just as they are about to have sex the others bust into the room and stop them. Sunao and Yuki then say they are all going to head to the beach next and there they can see who Sosuke chooses between the three of them. And with that the episode ends.



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Bunch of stuff happened with this episode. We got a blowjob occur which we never got before for these shows (Souryo and Skirt have them in their manga but we never got them). We also got the first occurrence of a handjob as well. Omiai had a part in which the girl touched the dick a bit but not a full on handjob to completion. This episode also introduced the third character finally so we get another person to get service from as well. One problem though and this is the depressing thing and that is we had to skip a large amount of chapters in order to reach this part as well as have some scenes cut short. If this had been a full length show and thus no need to skip or shorten things it easily would had been the best show we have had in a long time.

The Yuzu scene for example had some stuff removed and shortened. The interruption right before they have sex still happens in the source material though so fortunately no they didn’t remove sex or anything like that as I would had raged. (though if they are going to skip around and do their own thing I wish they would had just removed Yuki’s scene and instead used that time to extend Yuzu’s and change the scene from the manga so that they did have sex first before getting stopped).

The next episode and possibly the one after will be the beach trip which will be interesting to see how they do that since this is now the “final battle” as it were for the show. That is the other sad thing and that is we only have 2 more episodes left. At first when I saw it listed as 9 episodes I wanted to think that was a mistake as I couldn’t find anything official saying that but then the twitter account recently said something about the new character and her being in the remaining 3 episodes before this one aired. So it does look like we are getting to the end already. No details has been announced on the BD yet to know if there is anything extra there yet. Regardless let’s hope these last two episodes go all out. We have now seen that 2 minutes of extra content seems to be the norm now for this show in the r18 version so hopefully that is utilized to the fullest and maybe made even longer for the end. Considering how well this show has done so far when it comes to scenes and extra length it kind of makes me hyped to see what they do for the end but I probably shouldn’t as that will just make the fact that this has less episodes and will end soon more sad.

I get the feeling the very thing that has happened in hentai before and pissed me off will happen again here when it comes to a character’s sex scene getting interrupted. I lost count how many times a girl’s sex scene is about to start either in an ova or manga but then gets interrupted and we have to wait for later for it to happen. However the thing that pisses me off is that the sex scene when it finally occurs ends up being in a completely different position or a shit one compared to the one they were about to have sex in initially before getting interrupted. Watch just watch when or if we finally get a sex scene with Yuzu in the anime adaption it won’t be with her on top like we would had got if she wasn’t stopped it will be a different way and probably with a shit view.