Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 1:

Warning of “explicit content”, viewers discretion is advised!! XD

Hello everyone!! (^^)/ This is basically an anime about diving, there will always be pretty girls in bikini whenever it comes to the seaside!! (^_^) Will this be some kind of parody version for Baywatch? I’m not sure about that but from what I’m seeing, it lacks a Pamela Anderson like character in there. XD

The story begins with Iori Kitamaru beginning his freshman year at Izu University located at the seaside town of Izu. As he moves into his uncle’s scuba diving shop, he eagerly expects a dream college live filled with beautiful girls and good friends.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go like what he expected. XD He meets a group of muscular, naked upper class-man who immediately force him into participating their alcoholic activities.

After that, he meets Nanako the diving instructor which appears to be his cousin. She mentions that she was diving with her sister, Chisa just now. And after that, the alcoholic party continues…..

Chisa was on her way back from home. She recalls that she used to play together with Iori in her childhood. But she’s dissapointed to see him when she got back. XD

The next day, Iori found himself waking up naked in front of the university’s auditorium, with lots of camera’s and crowd surrounding him. Chisa appears to be one of them. XD

After that, he attended the orientation like this…..XD And this is where he noticed another weirdo, Imamura. Iori tries to approach Chisa after the orientation, but Chisa was ashamed to talk to him.

He tries to follow Chisa the way back as he’s unfamiliar with the way back. Since he wasn’t wearing anything, he asked Chisa for her clothes too. XD Iori eventually got reported and he’s running away from being caught.

After that, Iori seeks help from his upper class men but only with a condition that he helps to recruit one member for their club. XD Iori sees Imamura as an opportunity to recruit him.

At last, he’s wearing some shirt. They soon attend the welcoming party. During the welcoming party, alcohol is what they all drink. Iori met Chisa at the party too. He tries to escape but his upper class men catches him and pressed him and Imamura into a drinking contest where even water is a glass of vodka. XD

They end up getting drunk and they end up the whole night without heading back home.

That’s all for the review of the first episode of Grand Blue. The opening was great and there’s a lot of comedy in the character development for the first episode. Hopefully they’re able to keep up with it. Remember to stay tuned for the following episodes of Grand Blue!! Lastly, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v