Harukana Receive: Fanservice Review Episodes 1-3

Or as I like to call it: Beach Bums the Anime!

E101EPiC here back from my once a year Eroge reviews to review some seasonal content. Speaking of Seasonal, lets review Harukana Receive!

Harukana Receive has little to zero potential for nudity. There was a close call in episode two, however slowing down the footage leave us with the fabled blank boobs. What you can get from this anime from a fanservice perspective is lots and lots of Beach Bums! This anime is basically the middle part of Wizard’s Fanservice: Everything Butt!

Episode 1: A slow start where the Heroines get owned!


Episode 2: The Rematch, where the main girls Haruka and Kanata have to only score one point to win. Mild sad note at the end, I am sure that scene would have been more impacting if left to a later time.

In the first part we have the blank boob scene which goes by very fast, your just going to have to trust me on this one. I predict zero potential for a BD scene.

First of Many Butt-Slaps

Episode 3!
Best Episode yet, as the best girl Emiri Comes in. She is accompanied by an equally exciteful girl Claire. They are the Reps for the Beach Volleyball club in the School.

Second Butt-Slap more to come!


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Episode 1


Episode 2 Webm’s

Episode 3 Webm’s


With many butt-slaps this season, and the anime growing more popularity this summer, lets hope this season gets even more emphasis on butt shots!

-E101EPiC ; the rare Fapservice editor