Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 3 & 4:

No more explicit content!! We have new girls this time. (^_^)

Episode 3:

In this episode, Iori got his very first experience in diving. (^_^) It seems like a good experience for him. He was very excited to tell Chisa about his very first underwater experience.

To celebrate Iori very first experience in diving, the all have a beer feast till late at night. The next morning, Iori wakes up seeing a half naked women sleeping next to him. But that was pretty normal as there were others too. XD

This new girl is Asuza Hamaoka, a senior student from Oumi Women’s College and member of Peek a Boo who often parties with the other senior members. She later trains Iori and Kohei to make Okonomiyaki for the Izu spring festival later.

At the same time, Iori and Kohei are tasked to convince Chisa into entering Women’s Pageant Contest. Hence they tried to get Chisa to drink their special “Oolong tea” which is a mixture of Vodka and Whiskey. However, all their attempts backfired. XD

Eventually, they admit their true motives and got rejected heavily. XD It was reveled that Asuza did participate in the Pageant Contest before, but she was disqualified for wearing pantsu instead of swimsuits. XD

Asuza then joins the other members on a strip rock-paper-scissors and she beats all the young men there. XD

After that, Asuza managed to convinced Chisa to try out the beauty pageant contest. Chisa agrees with the condition that Iori and Kohei must join the male pageant contest as well. XD

Episode 4:

Its finally the spring festival!! Everyone was hyped about it!! (^^)/ While Iori, Kohei and Chisa was busy selling Okonomiyaki, Asuza drops by without wearing her shirt.

Chisa tries to get Asuza into wearing something but it was too tight for her. XD Hey male mc!! How can you look at those oppai so openly like that!! XD

Too bad, she’s not wearing that later on. (T^T)


During the afternoon, the beauty pageant contest begins. (^_^) What’s wrong with the lady’s expression sitting beside Nanaka?

Chisa takes the stage with a dress but  is noticeably stiff on stage, and the club’s attempts to increase her appeal but failed. Iori then comes up with an idea of to lift her dress up from afar with his club using the balls he won earlier. He soon realizes that his club left him to do this task alone. XD

After that, you know what happens next…. XD

Afterwards, Cakey appears infront of Iori and Kohei crying that her friends on the Tinker Bell tennis team saw her as a joke and reject her from their group.

Iori then comes up with a plan. At the men’s pageant contest, Kohei fights against the tennis club captain for Asuza’s love.

Asuza accepts Kudo’s confession but later appears that it was Iori in disguise,  embarrassing him in front of the whole festival. XD

Iori and Chisa was declared winners of the pageant contest.  The next day, Chisa and a drunked Iori are honored on stage. Chisa declares Iori her boyfriend, thinking it will fend off the advances of the other men at the Festival. It results all the audience wanting Iori to be dead. XD

That’s it for the fanservice review today. Apparently, the fanservice gets better and better with each episode. Hopefully they will keep it consistent to the end!! So, remember to stay tuned for the upcoming fanservice review and thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v