Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 9


All good things must come to an end.


We have now reached the end unfortunately due to this only having 9 episodes this time around. The runtime on this episode is actually the longest we have ever had both on this show and the other r18 shows in general. Sadly it’s not extra content for the full time but instead the ED credits actually playing for the first time. We still get the 2 minutes of extra content in the r18 version like they have given the past few weeks but the remaining extra time just makes you think this episode was longer than it was. Regardless time for the end of the best r18 show so far.


After the end of the previous episode everyone has gone to the showers to clean up from the beach before heading home. Yuki drags Sosuke into the girls shower with her and says if she does stuff like this he will be willing to do things with her like he does with Sunao. During this is when Sunao and Yuzu enter the showers and enter the stalls next to her and begin talking. Sunao’s conversation with Yuki has her talking about how Yuki loves Sosuke which she tries to deny because Sosuke is right there hearing it. While this is going on she tries to keep everything quiet so no one hears him with her. After hearing all this though Sosuke begins to do things to Yuki. At this point is when the episode starts using cropping, steam, and the censored image stuff. It would be annoying to keep interrupting every few screens so I’ll just show all of the censored images in one go. In the standard version the following scene has constant interruptions with these shots appearing during the cut content parts…

If watching the r18 version however you get the following instead….

As Sosuke starts doing things to her he asks if what Sunao said was true about her liking him. She denies it so he says if that is the case then she should start resisting to everything he does to her then which she doesn’t meaning she isn’t telling the truth about not liking him. Sosuke then uses this time to confess to her and tell her that he has always liked her since moving there and seeing her everyday gave him the strength to continue on each day. She then agrees to have sex when he starts it and we get the first sex scene with her and also the last of the show.

At this point is when the r18 content ends and both versions join up.

While Sosuke and Yuki are having sex both Sunao and Yuzu start to finish their showers and tell Yuki they will be waiting outside while she tries to keep quiet about what is going on in her’s. They get suspicious but eventually leave to wait for her outside while Sosuke and Yuki finish up. They eventually hear all the noise going on in there while waiting outside clearly having figured out what they are doing in there.

After everyone gets back home Sosuke comments to himself about how he never did pick one of them like the whole point of them all going to the beach in the first place was. He then acknowledges that he is now just going to have to deal with having 3 girls living with him in that small apartment as he looks up at the hole that started it all that has yet to be repaired (in the standard version everyone is clothed instead of naked here). He then advertises the source material while saying the story is not over yet and he will have to pick one of them eventually. And with that the show ends.



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So the kind of r18 show most had been waiting for since these shows started happening last spring has now come to an end. It’s a shame this only ended up being 9 episodes instead of 12 like the others but I suppose since this one had way more extra content in the r18 version compared to the others they probably sacrificed some episodes in exchange. Though I wish the final scene had been a foursome with all the girls at once even if it would had been anime original. Plus they had that extra minute left they could had used instead of the ED but I guess they had to find some way to shove the ending song in at some point. Overall though this one ended up having far better animation than any of the others, better service, longer amounts of service, better character designs done by a hentai legend, and was genuinely far more enjoyable than all the others. The story may not had been as focused as the others since this took a more comedic approach rather than a serious romance one like those others did but that was perfectly fine. I prefer my ecchi and hentai to have a more lighthearted feel to it rather than super serious so that comedy atmosphere for this one worked well.

More importantly it was nice to finally have one of these aimed at males. I mentioned back in my last 25sai post I was going to be done covering these shows because how formatted and bland all of them had become and it would either need to be something really special or something aimed at males to get me back into them and sure enough we got one. Unfortunately the capsule hotel one which is the next r18 show for fall is another josei that looks to be the same thing as Souryo, Skirt, Omiai, and 25sai but with a different coat of paint. So chances are I won’t doing posts on that one.

The lack of any variety in the josei ones just makes everything boring. Naturally you can’t have the main guy fucking a bunch of different women in something like that as the audience intended for it probably wouldn’t like that plus it’s supposed to be a romance but you could at least have different couples then so we get something different from episode to episode. Even then focusing on a single male and female character still can work out fine as long as the sex scenes are varied but that ends up not happening in most of those titles. The sex scenes in many of the other r18 shows I did ended up almost all being the same with say 90 percent of the time being the same position to the point that you can’t tell one episode’s scene from a previous. Essentially if you aren’t going to have a variety of different girls then you better have a variety of different scenes for the same girl but neither of these happen. Constantly on those other shows I found myself thinking “oh boy another sex scene with the same girl being submissive in the same position we have already seen multiple times I love not seeing anything new” the whole thing just became redundant.

This one however at least gave us multiple different girls so we would not only get different service from a different girl constantly even if only one of them got sex for most of the show till the end. But in general the episodes never really felt like it was the same thing all the time which I think was possibly the biggest factor in this being far more fun to watch compared to the others. All those josei shows just became too predictable to really care about what kind of scene you will get next. I’m hoping this isn’t the last and only male oriented r18 show we get with more sometime in the future. I’m going to assume that the reason the next one is another josei is because it was already greenlit prior to joshiochi and thus was next in the schedule. They might had wanted to see the reception to this show to determine if they should greenlight any more like this so assuming this does well then maybe we will get more down the line.

This show was a massive improvement over the previous ones in both animation and the extended length in the r18 version being longer than the others. So seeing them improve even more particularly with another male oriented manga would be the best. Specifically I would like to see a manga get adapted next that doesn’t keep all the sex scenes confined to one girl till the last episode. There are plenty of borderline h manga out there in which the main guy has sex with different women all throughout so seeing something like that adapted is what I would hope for next like a harem one in which each of the different girls get a sex episode each week. At the very least studio ark seems to be new so who knows what they will do next. Since we have seen studios like Seven and Magic Bus do more than one r18 show it is possible we will see another from ark in the future which presumably would be another male aimed one. Or maybe they will start doing hentai ovas later on it’s hard to say since they are so new. So with that I guess this is the last r18 show post for a bit until either another male oriented one comes out or at least a josei one that looks unique.

Since my last post was 150 that makes this 151 so I now have as many posts on the site as there are first generation pokemon. Anyway let’s see if my invisible predictions can come true again. If you remember my 25sai post after I said I was done doing these shows I said at the end just watch my luck a male r18 show gets announced next and brings me back before I can even take a break. Sure enough that happened so let’s hope it happens again and the next show for winter after taking a break from these in fall ends up being another male one. Ideally one with say 4 or 5 girls all with different body types so we get not only different scenes with different girls but they each offer a significantly different appearance other than just different hair colors and styles unlike for this one.