Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 9 Fanservice Review

“The lead single from Phil Collins’ first studio album”

Oktoberfest has come early…

Booze Milf finally gets some screen time, for whatever good clothed tits can offer at this moment.

Classic German beer girl may be Ayaka’s true form.


Thankfully things go into a slightly better direction quickly.



It seems as though Aya is in heat.

oh fuck

aww… damn

But it keeps going 🙂

Aya, thirsty-variant

Young son must take the plunge.

She’s fucking perfection. Yet trapped behind PG-13… such a shame, cause fantastic scene.


Refreshed by her shota, Ayaka gets to live another day.


Best woman-girl Aya continues to save everything about this program… what a simple yet supple perfect design. Few more episodes to go, I can say I look forward to Aya in any form, just a shame I’ll never get to confirm if her inverted nipples are canon or not…


End Card




Until next time.

I’ll be looking for cows to milk.