Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 9


Stinky girls means bathtime.


Though a large amount of the episode is focused on story it does give a decent length outside bath scene towards the middle. This episode also sets things up for the next one which should have a significant service scene next week as well.

We get to see the stuff Alicia does when she is not with the others as well as another person killing a village of those who worship the demon lord. We then see Alicia after she has returned to the castle to report on what happened in the previous episode. There she runs into Saddler one of the paladins located there. He tells her about the village he just killed and when he hears that she is going back to Faltra he tells her he plans on going there as well since they have received a prophecy about the demon lord being revived there soon.

Guess I would never have a summon as I wouldn’t put some nasty rock in my mouth to form a pact with it.

Even japan uses Gamefaqs.

Meanwhile Rem is teaching Shera how to summon and she is able to summon a bird to use which allows her to see what the bird sees. Shera doesn’t think it will be useful till Diablo teaches her how she can use it’s powers to see enemies before they see her and then attack them from a distance. Afterwards Shera notices that Rem has started to smell and suggests they all take a bath.

I don’t know why I made that. Probably because it looks like Rem is trying to jump to high five Edelgard.

They get to a river to take a bath in but Diablo refuses since he knows he would never be able to handle getting naked with them so he stays out and lets them go in themselves. Eventually he hears a noise and sees that Edelgard has appeared and touched Rem. She says she only came to find them after hearing the demon lord was inside Rem and to confirm it. Shera doesn’t know what is going on so Rem finally tells her about her secret.

No. Don’t do that to me. Don’t say “We have come to terms” and make me remember Big O never got a third season.

Rem asks why Edelgard didn’t kill her like she was told to believe the fallen would do if they ever found out. Edelgard tells her that killing her isn’t how the demon lord is set free but with a ritual instead so they need her alive. Edelgard then makes a deal with them saying she will teach Diablo the spell to set the demon lord free and if he does it she will leave them alone. If he does the spell like ordered the demon lord will be released and thus free Rem from it and Edelgard gets her goal accomplished as well since she doesn’t believe Diablo will be able to beat the demon lord anyway. They then agree to meet at the tower from the first episode in 3 days to do it.

All the more reason he should had followed Fire Emblem logic in the previous episode and got an enemy to be on your team so you could exploit their power for your own use.

Later after returning to town Alicia finds them at a cat cafe so she can warn them about Saddler. Alicia tells them he is there investigating and since he hates the demon lord if he finds out about them it will cause trouble. Since his power is over level 100 he wouldn’t be easy so she wants them to hide till he leaves. Diablo thinks to himself how he has never fought a paladin before so he doesn’t even know what they are capable of.

Diablo channels his inner james randi and exposes fraudulent magicians.

As Alicia is taking them back to the inn they run into Saddler and Alicia tells him they are adventurers that helped her before. Diablo accidentally tells him that he is the demon lord but Saddler takes it as a joke before getting angry at Alicia for associating with someone that makes such jokes. Rem gets angry and yells at him for treating Alicia that way all because she is associated with them. This leads to Saddler using jedi powers to choke her claiming it is his gift from the gods. Diablo uses his magic seeing ability to detect that it is just a spell and he doesn’t have the power of the gods. When exposing this Saddler stops the spell before focusing on Diablo.

So this world has magic rings that reflect magic but not ribbons like in final fantasy that blocks all status effects for someone to carry I guess. Despite playing videogames it seems Diablo never played mgs3 to remember when eva told big boss he would regret not letting her kill young ocelot. (let’s see how many videogame jokes I can fit in this post)

Saddler decides to fight Diablo for interfering and uses a petrification spell on him. Diablo’s ring reflects it back causing it to turn Saddler into stone instead. Diablo mentions that Saddler has a skill that allows him to use spells without saying their name and that is how he is able to do things like he did before so quick and trick people. He says the spell will wear off eventually as the other paladins take his body and run and Alicia warns him how dangerous it is to let him escape.

After getting back to the inn they get ready to leave to head for the tower. Rem tells them that she wants to tell Alicia about what is going on and even though Diablo is against it she still wants to trust her. Alicia is called in and has everything explained to her as she agrees to help them but Diablo begins to worry watching this but just passes it off as his lack of communication skills and him being paranoid. As Edelgard is waiting at the tower for them the episode ends.



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Got a lot of partial nudity during this episode that had a lot of hair covering the important parts. Doesn’t seem like something that will be changed on BD since it was like that even in the manga but would be a nice surprise even if low. This episode was primarily focused on setting up things for the final battle since we are at the last 3 episodes after this one. It also sets up the big main service scene with Rem that will happen in the next episode. This will be the most significant scene so far in the show and certainly will be censored a lot in the non atx version of the episode. Next week will also have the other girl shown in the ED credits finally appear as well so there are plenty of things to look forward to next week.

I do wonder how many times I make videogame references in my posts. I know I have done it in a bunch of other shows before and even my hentai schedule posts. Makes sense though since I usually cover the videogame related things and next season will have me doing Senran and Conception. I also wonder how many people realize the videogame things I say are in reference to games rather than me just saying something crazy.