Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 8:

There may be lots of interesting drinks out there, but nothing beats their special “Oolong Tea”!! XD

Going on a trip to Okinawa requires money!! The episode starts with Tokita offering Iori and Kohei a part time job to earn more money for their Okinawa trip which is to work in a moving company. However, the job is too rigorous for the 2 of them. XD

Asuza suggest that they all go to a local bar to see where Kotobuki was working.

At first, they were imagining things of what Kotobuki is working at the bar. But after watching him working, they decided to give it a try too. XD On the other hand, Asuza is really popular at the bar that even the boss there likes her. XD

Both of them are tasked with taking care of Asuza and the girls there. XD However, they don’t know how to mix drinks and starts serving drinks based on their own imagination. XD While this is how Kotobuki mix his drink for a Moscow Mule for Asuza…

And this is how they serve a Screwdriver cocktail (a mixture of Vodka and orange juice) to Aina. XD

There may be a lot of interesting names in a Cocktail drink, but nothing beats their special Oolong tea. XD It only takes one sip for the boss there got get drunk. XD However, Iori got some special ways of waking the boss when he was drunk. XD

After that, Iori and Kohei joins his classmates on a gathering. However, they found that one of their classmate, Yu Mitarai is missing from their gathering. XD

Iori then finds out that Yu is busy with his girlfriend. So, he leads his classmate to his home to ruin their night together. XD

Eventually, they did it with his girlfriend breaking up with him. XD Just when his classmates were about to leave him, Iori stops them as he still believes in Yu.

Finally, Yu did not let his friends down and his friends embrace Yu after his girlfrind ditched him. XD That’s all for this episode and hoped you guys have fun watching it. Remember to silent your phones so that it wont ruin your important moments!! XD Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for more fanservice in the next episode of fanservice review. (^^)v