Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 1:

ATTENTION for outrageous fanservice!!! A gunslinger who stores ammunition in her bosoms?!! Yeah~

Hi everyone (^^)/ this anime might be pretty old, but I think their fanservice is worth mentioning. The story tells about the travels of a buxom and beautiful girl, Rushuna Tendou together with her male side kick Yajiro. XD

The story begins with an onsen of Rushuna bathing in a hot spring where she encounters Yajiro fleing form a group pursuers.

Rushuna was not disturbed by Yajiro’s presence or her not wearing anything, she then hides him in the hot springs and cover him with her ample breast until the enemy left. XD

After that, she introduce herself as a traveler to spread the her ultimate battle strategy which is to avoid fighting by removing the enemy’s will to fight. XD Sounds crazy right? Things got even more crazy later on. XD After that, Yajiro leaves Rushuna to rejoin fighting at the fort.

Yajiro arrives in time to the battle field only to see that the the leader of the gunners using a Gatling gun to decimate all the samurai there. However, the tides turn when Rushuna arrives.

Needless to say, just look at those ….. set of skills with the gun. XD

With her excellent sets of ….skills, she effectively ends the battle by defeating the leader of the gunners and manage to rescue the lord of the fort all by herself. XD

In the end, Yajiro finds it impressive. He decided to become her partner and join her in her travels. (^_^) Well honestly, I find those sets are very impressive too. In overall, this anime may be old but it is very promising in terms of fanservice. If you guys haven’t watch it, do not hesitate and watch it immediately!! XD Thanks for reading everyone, hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review!! (^^)v


ScissorMeTimbers here.  I watched all of Grenadier years ago.  A DVD bargain bin purchase IIRC.  Fun watch.  Even if SD instead of HD.  Shades of Trigun but with a busty female lead.  Good optics.  For its time.  But could have been better.  What I remember is that Grenadier had both plot and PLOT that were watchable.  But more PLOT would have made a big difference…