Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 7:

After finishing your test, the best way to celebrate it is to get drunk!! XD

After passing their German test, Iori’s classmate decided to celebrate at his place in Grand Blue so that they can see whether Iori is actually living together with Chisa. XD

While they were at his place, they found Iori has a lot if interesting stuff in his room. XD There was a bra inside there too, but they’re sure it wasn’t belongs to Chisa.

Shinichiro, one of Iori’s classmate saw Nanaka and plans to hook up with her. However, he ends up coming across several naked men and he was forced to strip for them. XD

Just when they were about to drink and celebrate, Chisa suddenly appeared in front of his classmate, making Iori into hot water. XD

A few days later, Tinkerbell challenges Peek a Boo on a double tennis match to seek revenge on their captain’s humiliation during the festival. XD

Tokita and Kotobuki destroys their opponents with brute force. Chisa stumbles as she was embarrassed with her outfit when the club compliments her with “nice buddy” but she hears it as “nice body”. Speaking of tennis, I actually hoped Asuza and Nanaka was playing too. There has to be players like Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams when it comes to tennis!! If you know what I mean…..XD

Finally, Iori showed some fine skills in tennis. XD However, Kohei couldn’t hit the ball over the net which force Iori to make some drastic actions. XD

Peek a Boo won the match by Tokita and Kotobuki taking over it. With their winning prize, the clubs decided to go for an outing at Okinawa!! Stay tuned for more fanservice when they were there (^_-) In overall, there is not much of fanservice for this epiosde but there will definitely be more later!! Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review!!