Green Green fanservice compilation

Green Green is one of the best and most daring eroge to ecchi adaptations ever made.  Whereas many eroge adaptations discard nudity, sometimes even basic fanservice, in an effort to focus on telling a powerful story, Green Green is utterly shameless and fully transparent with its intentions to service viewers.

It was, as far as I know, the first ecchi TV series to include softcore porn styled fanservice extras on DVD (which obviously had a huge influence on the genre going forward).  It also did something really amazing.  Its final episode- which aired as an OVA- had a pair of sex scenes.  And this wasn’t some spinoff but was actually intended as the true ending to the series.  It was animated by the same company, voiced by the same voice actors, and the story took place directly after the events of the 12th episode.  The title of the OVA episode (which would have been the 13th) is “THIRTEEN EROLUTIONS” and the makers were very clear that this was the series’ true ending, and not a hentai spinoff.

Kakyuusei 2 would take a similar tact the next year, and Princess Lover by coincidence had a spinoff hentai pair of OVAs (which had nothing to do with GoHands original production), but for an ecchi series to end in a hentai type episode is extremely rare.  It’s really a shame because what could be a better setup for a hentai?  (It’s worth noting that Green Green, Kakyuusei and Princess Lover are all based on pornographic visual novels (eroge), and it’s probably not as easy to get the hentai green light on a manga adaptation.)

That said, I want to clarify that I personally don’t define episode 13 as true hentai, but as borderline hentai.  There’s some lightsaber dick, but there’s no explicitly shown genitals and no mosaic.  In that sense it’s more comparable to adult ecchi titles such as Nozoki Ana, Strange Love, Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora.


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Series Information


Production Company:  Studio Matrix (animation studio)

Vintage:  Summer 2003


Nipple sightings from other Studio Matrix produced anime:


Ultimate Girls (with m.o.e. and Pony Canyon), Dark Tours (hentai)


Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from:




Notable Seiyuu:


Kana Ueda as Reika Morimura


Kana Ueda is also well known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


This anime is absolutely not for anyone with refined tastes.  To analogize it with American Movies, it’s like the anime equivalent of American Pie or Scary Movie or Deuce Bigalow.  Lots of sex humor, lots of amazingly crude jokes, including some jokes that are funny precisely because they go too far.  At times, Green Green could be hilarious, just not in a way you’d ever want to admit to if you were aspiring to be the next Roger Ebert.

Though the ending of the story is non-canonical, anime original endings can still be pretty emotional and Green Green was one such case.  This is what I find so amazing about anime, is that it can be funny, sexy, and emotional all in the same story.

The OVA ending brought some nice semi-closure to the story, and just once it was nice to see the love interests actually get it on for a change.

Not an all time classic, but I would say that Green Green is a much better anime than most ecchi series, which give you no reason to care about anything other than the boobs.

Interestingly, Green Green had a big bath scene in the first couple episodes with blatant blank boobs, a scene that remains censored even on DVD.  It makes you wonder what happened there- if the producers originally planned to keep the series non-nude before making the change later on, or if the plan was for nudity the whole way but they just wanted to mess with us in that early scene.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


First off, great source material.  The eroticism in the fanservice specials was almost a decade ahead of its time, and the 13th episode is even more ahead of its time than that.  There were some repeats in here plus an alternate ED (more on that in a moment), but the final video ended up with over 30 minutes of consecutive nude content.

Sometimes I encounter some surprisingly tough decisions when editing a video.  Normally I just edit for tits and ass, but what if the context is just too important to eliminate?  Then I have to be careful to not add too much non-nude content in the nude section to avoid a “watering down” effect.  I had that problem with the sex scenes and one of the specials.  I thought it was better in T and A condensed form, but it also felt like I lost some important stuff that people would want to see.  In the end, I compromised and did both.  At the tail end of the nude section I have a few “replays” in there which shows certain scenes in their fuller context.

Green Green had several character based EDs but all of them were pretty worthless.  Since Green Green is based on an explicit pornographic hentai game, I figured I’d have some fun with it by using some screen shots from the eroge over the ED song from the anime, just like I had done for many other eroge adapted projects.  Unfortunately, the screen shot quality wasn’t the best, though I still felt that it was worth including.  As usual I added some extra censorship to push it down into “R-rated” territory.  Most of it is from the original Green Green eroge, though the voluptuous blonde at the end is actually from the recent eroge sequel Green Green 2.

Last thought- this video was a trouble-shooting nightmare, with something like 150+ issues to fix on my first test run.  Old DVD rips can be problematic, but Green Green was spectacular in this regard.  Normally the “quality control” phase might take an hour.  This time it took two full days.

It ended up being a huge blessing in disguise though, because as I was switching clips out to fix issues, I discovered something amazing on one of my alternate Green Green DVD rips.  You can find out for yourself what it was at the 17 minute mark of the video.


Favorite Character



The “older” school nurse types in these shows are always bombshells with seductiveness and tease off the charts. To Love-Ru has Ryoko, Maken-Ki! has Aki, Seikon no Qwaser has Urada.  All of them among the very hottest characters in any ecchi series.

But where Ryoko, Aki, and Urada were relatively stingy at exposing their amazing breasts relative to the other characters in those shows, Chigusa actually shows her boobs more than any other Green Green character.  There’s even quite a bit of boob play, not to mention Chigusa shows us a “feature” of her body that Ryoko, Aki, and Urada did not.  When Maken-ki! Two’s fanservice specials debut, I can only hope that Aki gets the kind of treatment that Chigusa had in this series.