Nourin continues to be silly fun, just not for ecchi fans


Perhaps moreso than the first episode, the second episode of nourin gives a pretty distinct “Baka and Test” vibe for its humor, in the sense that while you may chuckle at points, there are times you kind of hate yourself for it.

The parallels between these two series are beginning to feel so strong that I was becoming pretty sure that these two anime shared more than just a production studio.  I looked it up, and sure enough, the same person (Shin Oonuma) who’s directing Nourin is also the same guy who directed Baka and Test.  Interestingly, he’s also directed several other notable anime, including Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, WATAMOTE, Natsu no Arashi (both seasons), , Kokoro Connect, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya… he even directed Ef:  A tale of memories and Ef:  A tale of melodies (which makes a shocking amount of sense given the emotional undertones of his other works).

So while it’s cool that one guy directed a bunch of pretty good anime titles and that one guy is directing Nourin, this pretty much extinguishes any chance of Nourin having nudity on BD.  The Ef series had blank boobs galore, and it was based on an eroge.  Really, his entire resume is full of shows that tip toe up the line with nudity but never show nipples.  I kind of suspected this would be the case for Nourin anyway, but now I am certain of it.

As far as this episode itself, it was very Baka and Test -like with its humor, as said before.  Particularly in how jokes can be labored and driven into the ground, as was the case with the panty science over the 2nd half of the episode.  Still, the show can be lightly funny with consistency when it isn’t trying too hard.

We get a bit of a Basic Instinct style leg crossover at the very start of the episode (see above).  Minus, of course, the one little detail that made that scene and entire movie famous.



Later we’re treated to a bit of an extended boing boing which is straight out of the Baka and Test playbook.  It’s the softest of soft fanservice, but it’s still kind of fun.




Given that this show is extremely unlikely to provide content relevant to this site, I’ll probably drop future coverage of Nourin at least until the show forces my hand by doing something unexpected with its fanservice.