Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 2:

The fanservice continues to impress with oppai dodging bullets!! (^_^)

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for Grenadier. (^^)/ I don’t know if everybody here already watch this anime, but even if the fanservice is not getting better, it still continues to impress me!! Without saying much right here, the adventures of Rushuna continues with Yajiro travelling. XD

Suddenly, she was ambushed by a group of bounty hunters. However, she manages to beat them without much trouble. Speaking of that, that was some oppai dodging bullets again. XD Since when did you guys see some fanservice with oppai dodging bullets? The last one that I can remember is probably Highschool Of The Dead. Since this anime is very much older than HOTD, the idea of oppai dodging bullets was probably originated from here. (^_^)

After that, Rushuna tries to went after them to convince them that they got the wrong person. After she got separated from Yajiro, she found all those bounty hunters that attacked her just now got killed in cold blood. She got ambushed from behind and it’s some oppai dodging bullets moves from her again. XD

Rushuna met the the person with the bounty and she battled him. However, she let her guard down when knowing that he’s only little boy and he got the whip hand of her. Rushuna fell over a cliff as she got defeated. (O.O)

She was lucky that someone found her being washed up to the river banks. As she wakes up, she was already in an inn where Yajiro is also working there. She saw the person who attacked her on the picture, but nobody believe her as that person was the king of the country and was highly respected by the people there.

After that was some bath scene from Rushuna. She was ambushed again in the middle of her bath. What a way to dodge an attack that almost destroy the whole bathroom. XD

It was really unfortunate not to see nipples on that really attractive and buxom figure. (T^T) The enemy was defeated and disappeared. Upon knowing that the one who attacked her is really the king of the country, Rushuna decided to invade the castle to put things to an end. XD

I know that it was disappointing not to see nipples on this anime but I have to say that the story really progress well with alot of creative fanservice. (^^)/ We’ve seen oppai reloading bullets from the last episode and oppai dodging bullets from this episode. So, what will we be expecting from the next and following episodes? Will there be something like ricocheting a grenade using oppai like BTOOOM? Stay tuned to find out more!! (^^)v Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!!

See ya!! XD