Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 9:

Playing true or dare is usually an effective way to get someone stripping. However, we don’t need this in Grand Blue. XD

Howdy everyone!! Welcome to another episode of Grand Blue fanservice review. (^_^)/ The series of madness starts with Iori and Kohei are task to set up another mixer for their classmates. Their plan involves dragging Chisa into true or dare game together with all the Peek a Boo members so that she can invite her friends into the mixer. XD

Asuza and Nanaka agreed to join the game as they had other ulterior motives which is to get Nanaka and Chisa striping. XD

However, Kohei screwed it up as he chooses the wrong person while he was holding the King stick. As a result, Tokita set up their mixer with all his buff drinking buddies instead of Chisa . XD

Later on the second half of the episode, Iori discusses about his attempt to go for a temporary job on directing the traffic for a convention event. At the same time, the Peek a Boo members are going to a diving equipment shop to buy new gear for their Okinawa trip.

The highlight of the diving equipment shop is when Kohei spotted a wet suit that designed to looked like a very popular anime. It’s not clear which anime was it from as there were distracting mosaics all over it. XD (I’m guessing that it was from the epic anime Full Metal Alchemist!! Man, that was pretty long ago) Kohei got so happy and was head over heels when he saw Aina and Chisa wearing them. XD

As they returned home after buying the diving gear they needed, Nanaka tells them that they are required to take up more jobs to make up for the money they’ve spent on diving gears. XD The next day, Aina, Chisa and Asuza all end up working at the same convention event as a showgirl where Iori and Kohei was working too.

With all of them working hard, they finally made enough money to go on a trip to Okinawa!! (^^)/ Going on a holiday can be costly, and you’ll probably need to save up a lot of money to go on a trip. With all their hard work and passion about diving, I’m pretty sure that they’ll be having a great time at Okinawa at the following episodes!!

Lastly, thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for the following episodes of Grand Blue!! (^^)v