Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 12

A strong finale for what was a fairly good ecchi anime.


The episode opens yet again with another wake up moment.  It’s notable here that this scene did not show nipples in the manga, but appears it will in the anime (on blu-ray).




The screens taken above cover chapters 28 and 29 from the manga.  The end credits are replaced by what appears to be an anime original bathing scene with all the characters present.  Hopefully there is a “clean ED” version of this scene on blu-ray, the text over the fanservice is definitely not ideal.


Thee End.  For the TV series anyway.



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Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:

Both manga nude scenes appear in the anime.  There are some added nipples for Yuuna’s bed scene at the start.  It appears the big bath scene at the end is fully anime original.


Overall Thoughts:


It was a pretty good episode and kind of encapsulated the whole series.  The tragic lovers story had some emotion to it, reminding us like the early episodes did that this series has some heart.  The rest of the episode went heavy on service.  And it was nice seeing them work in some loli love at the very end after most of the show had gone light on it.

Technically this isn’t the true end, as there’s still going to be two more episodes to come later, in OVA format (October 4th, December 4th).  But this is (probably) it, as far as TV episodes go.

It will be a few more days before we officially know how the first blu-ray sold.  I hope that, between disc sales, game sales, and manga sales, there is enough success there to green-light a second season, because there’s still a lot of good characters left that have yet to be introduced.

My feeling is that the disc sales probably won’t be that great, if only because ecchi has been declining in sales for years.  That and there’s never been a sequel to an Akio Takami styled ecchi, not even for the commercially successful Kanokon.  Though it seems like disc sales matter less now than they used to, and you often see series with bad disc sales getting sequels if other aspects of the business model make up for it.  So I guess we’ll see.

Overall this series did almost everything right.  Many times I’ve talked about how ecchi adaptations so often fail to live up to the opportunities in the light novels and manga.  And further, how there are chances to take liberties for extra nudity that seems to have become a lost art in recent years.  Not only did Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san ace its opportunities, but a good 30% or more of the nudity in the series was anime original.   So even though there technically aren’t any disc specials, the anime original service helps make up for it.

I normally don’t recommend watching ecchi stuff as anime, but this was a solid, inoffensive anime with some emotional moments and likable characters.  There was also a lot of sexy service that you would miss if you only jump to the nude scenes too.

Overall I would say this is probably the best ecchi anime production in a good long time.  Hopefully there is still much more of it to come.