Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Episode 09-10 Fanservice Review

Little seductive moments like these are the ones that get you going.

Felicia, oh Felicia. This may not come as a surprise, but she gets real frisky in these two episodes. Once with Siegrune and another time with Ingrid. To be honest, the writing in this show is well below mediocre, but that just means you’ll get to hear less of me and see more fanservice! If only the writers handled the story better, I could have enjoyed watching it more, but I digress. Maybe I’ll give you more story-related thoughts during my next and final review of Hyakuren. But, for now, let’s dive in!

Episode 9 Review:

Good morning, love. You’re a goddess to me. The way the sunlight caresses your hair and reflects off your eyes makes you glow.

In all seriousness though, what a great wake-up scene.

Oh, it’s Felicia!

I didn’t see this coming…

Siegrune is very obviously staring at Felicia’s breasts, as you can see her puzzled reaction above. Siegrune comments that it seems like big breasts would get in the way of being a warrior. I suppose for her, as a famous warrior, a smaller chest would be more practical to move around in. However, Felicia responds by saying, “I’m sure big brother likes them big!”

Just some fun with Mitsuki and another friend in the real world.

Then they go to this girl on the left’s sister’s house for some information on how to visit Yuuto. It has something to do with ancient Greek myths for some reason.

I gotta give it to her…she’s pretty hot.

I couldn’t help but include this set of images with Mitsuki’s cute expressions and the beautiful snow. I dunno, there’s just something captivating about her.


It’s Linnea!

And her butt! (Score!)

Dat ass is phat. Dat ass ain’t covered like it should be (uncovered). Dat moon is bright.

Do you see the resemblance between Christina, on the right, and Derpy from My Little Pony?

Image result for derpy

I swear the producers must know who Derpy is.

So, next, Yuuto, Chris, and Al go to a bar to find some information.

When I saw Al like this for the first time, I almost got a nosebleed. Her thighs, that pose, that outfit, her facial expression, her coolness! OMG!

At the very end of the episode, we see this girl who looks just like Mitsuki. But is it?

Episode 10 Review:

Nope. It’s Leafa, another wielder of power or whatever and all you need to know is that she’s super powerful, for now. There might be some tie-in later, but this episode didn’t say anything.

That wink though. Perfect execution.

Next we transition into harem glory. Have fun 😉

Oh God, a drunk Linnea, I’m dying. As this is happening, she tells Yuuto, “Big brother, at least give me your seed…”

Who ordered-

Who ordered drunk perfe-

Who just ordered freaking drunk harem perfection?!

The twins join in on the fun too.

The next scene gives us an unexpected event. In order to share her good luck with Yuuto, Leafa finds it appropriate to kiss him before his harem.

The reactions are hilarious and then look at Leafa below…

I only included this image because I wanted to point out that the guy directly to the left of Christina is extremely ugly. Have you seen an anime character that ugly before?


Here’s that WebM Album!

I was thoroughly unimpressed with the writing and the dialogue. I’ll admit that I was hooked when I thought Leafa was Mitsuki at the end of episode 9. I really was waiting all week for episode 10 to come out so I could see who she was. Given these flaws, the fanservice more than made up for it. I’m still a little salty that Linnea didn’t get more fanservice, but everyone, especially Christina, got some pretty amazing shots and gifs. Well, take care this week guys!

Questions of the Day:

Are you watching the show? What are your thoughts on Linnea? Is there anything you want me to review next season, in particular? Please comment below and I look forward to writing for you again!