Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 7:

You’re not watching Grenadier if Rushuna doesn’t reload with her boobs!! (^^)/

Hello everyone!! It’s been awhile since the last episode review of Grenadier but Rushuna is back in action!! In this episode, Mikkan joins Rushuna and Yajiro on their journey to Tento.

Another reason that i highly recommend on this show is because they never the opportunity for onsen bath scene in almost episode. Although Yajiro was told not to look, but i guess the Joker is probably watching them. XD

It’s pretty handy with a balloon maker traveling with you. XD Just look at how amazing the balloons she made. XD

After making their escape, Yajiro was suddenly injured and Rushuna got into a battle with someone.  But whatever, just enjoy the fanservice. XD

Im not sure whether Rushuna’s boobs has healing powers or not but it seems that Yajiro was just faking to be unconscious. XD

After knowing that Yajiro was faking so that Rushuna can be more concerned about him rather than the balloon maker, they all continued their journey to Tento. That’s all for the review of this episode, we hope you enjoyed the fanservice of this anime!! Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review!! (^^)v