Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 6


Living with two lolis.


Even though this episode doesn’t have any nudity it is still probably the episode with the most service so far. There still is a bunch of censorship throughout it so going to have to wait for the BD especially for this episode. More importantly we actually get an imagination sex scene with movement at that which is really good news. Not only does that mean good things for the later scenes should we get there but most of the scene in question is anime original so they are actually doing something really nice now and adding really good original service into the show.


Nobunaga has taken Kitsuno back to his apartment since she is going to be living with him and Kichou now. They both show her around and try to teach her various things about modern day life like electricity and such.

Kichou goes to make dinner for everyone and brings instant ramen which surprises Kitsuno to learn that something like that exists. Meanwhile Nobunaga worries about what to do now that he has two of them living with him and what people will think. He then tries to tell himself that since Kitsuno is technically an adult that should hopefully stop any rumors about him.


This makes me happy for the show now after seeing this. As someone who praised the use of imagination scenes in koe de oshigoto seeing them make a comeback in this series by the same creator is nice especially since they are keeping them in the show. Not only that they are actually animated at that. Too many times we get shows that make this kind of stuff only a static image but here they had balls to animate it. Not only that most of this scene is anime original. Here is the page from the manga and as you can see only the part with her laying down was actually in the manga. You can also see what it will look like uncensored as well without those lightbeams.

This is really good news as there are some more imagination scenes in the future and this demonstrates they are willing to adapt it and even make it even better. Maybe we will get even get more original stuff like this added in later which will really give this show a lot of bonus points.

After remembering that Kitsuno is really a adult he realizes he can actually do whatever he wants with her unlike Kichou. However he then suddenly gets a bad feeling and doesn’t know what it is but starts to sense there is something about her he should be worried about. After Kitsuno asks him if they will have sex for the first time tonight he stops her and says that it is too soon for something like that as he runs off to go take a bath.

While in the bath he thinks about how all this happened and is trying to figure out why Kitsuno appeared in the first place since unlike with Kichou he didn’t break anything lik he did with the teacup so that couldn’t be what caused it. Kitsuno and Kichou then enter the bath and want to take one with him. Kitsuno tells nobunaga she will wash his back but Kichou stops her telling her that since she decided to make nobunaga her husband first that means she gets to wash his back. Kitsuno then challenges her to a contest and says both of them can take turns washing him then and whoever he likes the most will get to do it for him from then on.

Both of them take turns washing Nobunaga and when it is Kitsuno’s turn he starts to get the same worried feeling he had before and still doesn’t know why he is so concerned about her for some reason. While this is going on his sister shows up to visit and catches all of them in the bath together.

They explain to his sister who Kitsuno is and how she got there. Kitsuno then claims his sister must also be the reincarnation of the real Nobunaga’s sister just like she thinks is the case with him. Nobunaga tells his sister they still don’t know why the two of them appeared or how since it has nothing to do with breaking artifacts since that didn’t happen this time. His sister then concludes that maybe he really does have the real Nobunaga’s soul inside him and as a result if he touches anything that had ties to someone close to the real Nobunaga then it might call them to him. She then warns him that if that is the case he needs to be careful otherwise he might end up calling even more to him.

 I must see those naked.

Meanwhile at Mayu’s house her friend is telling her that now that Nobunaga is living with Kichou and Kitsuno they will have an advantage over Mayu at winning him. She then reminds her not to worry since she has already had him touch her breasts previously and so that puts her in the lead. Mayu thinks about what happened during that time and how something came over her making her want him to do that. She then thinks to herself how she wants him to touch her again as the episode ends.



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Even though there was no nudity in this episode I would still consider this the best one so far due to the kinds of stuff in the episode. The bath scenes may not had been nude but they did give us the longest consecutive amount of service so far. More importantly is that this episode showed that sexual content is not something they are afraid of. Having that imagination sex scene and then making it even better than what the manga had has now made me hyped for the remaining episodes. I was starting to get bored and we were only halfway through but this has renewed it. There still are scenes just like this one coming up in the manga and so after seeing this we can assume they will not only keep those scenes intact but might even extend them and make them more lewder than the manga. This episode was seriously good news as there are scenes that are just like one panel in the manga that we could possibly see turned into stuff like this which I approve of.

Also I mentioned it before but the chapter in which they watch porn is going to be super interesting if we do reach that point now. Remember this show is being done by the same Seven that does a bunch of hentai so having an actual imagination sex scene that was animated and hopefully more like it later on means we will have nothing to worry about should they get to that chapter. Well other than the annoying censorship we see here. It’s nice and all that we did get nudity uncensored before and gain some benefits of atx’s freedom but it’s still annoying knowing some of it is still censored to obviously shill for the BD. Speaking of that they still have yet to announce a release date or information on it yet so no idea on when that will finally come out so we can see the show fully uncensored. No details on it’s contents either but after seeing what they did with this episode I would really like it if they added a bonus episode to it but until the BD information is announced we won’t know what’s in it.

Next week’s episode should provide some more service as well for Mayu. Based on the way this episode ended and the next chapter in the manga I’m going to guess the upcoming Mayu chapter will be the next episode. She does get naked in it but of course you don’t see anything. Even though they didn’t add nudity for her the first time that kind of could be explained as being a point of the scene since he was trying to stop her from showing them. Hopefully for this next chapter they don’t hold back and actually deliver anime original nudity for her. Kind of annoying but interesting as well that we can never really be sure of what will be present in the next episode since they have shown to both follow the non nude parts of the manga and yet at the same time also add nudity and make things lewder then they were originally. So each episode ends up being a surprise as I didn’t expect what we got in this episode for example and now I’m looking forward to each episode.

Kind of funny how I praise imagination sex scenes and wrote all that stuff praising koe de oshigoto for using them in my manga comp I did for it and here they are again. It’s the same author so it makes sense but they actually changed it to be even better than the manga and took the koe de oshigoto approach by making things lewder. Now the big thing for me to hope for is obvious. I am hoping they add an imagination sex scene with Mayu at some point. Even better since she has that hidden assertiveness in her this could make things perfect. Give me a reverse rape imagination sex scene with a shy glasses girl raping the guy and my dick will become Excalibur. If that happens I am going to look like a sage. Also hoping for nudity of her next episode as well.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 20.