Super Sonico BD Fanservice Review: Episode 4

As long you have good figure and big boobs, your senpai will be good to you!! (^^)b

Hi everyone!! (^^)/ Welcome back to anther episode of Super Sonico fanservice review!! The episode begins with Sonico sharing the Okinawa trip expereince to her friends and also another photo shoot session with her guitar.

Upon arriving at home, Sonico receives a postcard with no sender written. It seems to be from a tropical location, and there’s only a few words printed. Sonico remembers her past in her high-school days where she gets to know her senpai.

It was some fun experience together with her senpai. From that day onward, she begins learning how to play guitar from her senpai and they both spent a lot of fun time together.

Sonico’s hard work yields magnificent results in improving her guitar skills. Her senpai want Sonico to keep her guitar when she’s moving abroad. From that day, her path towards stardom opened up together with the guitar named “Daydream”. One day, while performing a concert, her senpai did showed up and left a message on the wall before she leaves.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. XD The fanservice for this anime had been consistent so far with swimsuits and bikinis in every episode. However, the amount of appearance haven’t been consistent at all. Anyway, please stay tuned for the following episode of fanservice review for this anime and thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v