Hajimete no Gal Fanservice Review Episode 4 [UPDATED]

It’s Yui’s turn to shine…


[UPDATE1] Unfortunately, NoxBasket deleted her gfycat account after she stopped writing for fapservice. Her WebMs for this review have been re-uploaded to gfycat and the album link has been updated.  In addition,  gfycat embed code was updated from an old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes. Please note that this is a review of the TV show as it aired and not the BDs.


Sadly this episode is shorter on service this time. Considering the fact that Yui isn’t as well-endowed as other characters, maybe the director likes his top-heavy girls? (Nene, the oppai loli, appeared way earlier than she should have.)

The episode starts off with Junichi looking at some gal streamers.

This redhead live streamer is going to be important later, so spoiler alert.

Cut to real life. Most of you probably know by now, but this black-haired chick is Yui Kashi.

She’s not that innocent, it turns out.

This is BoA, a gal livestreamer that oftens talks crap about others in her daily life. Junichi’s horny friends worship her.

Except for this guy. Flat is justice.

Yet another fantasy. Not as lewd as the other ones though.

Turns out Ranko was third-wheeling.

Yui invites Junichi to hang out with her. While spending time at a cafe, Junichi has yet another fantasy.

Uh oh.

Looks like Ranko has something going on as well.

Yui then confesses to Junichi to become her boyfriend, and begs for him to dump Yukana for her.

Of course, Junichi panics at first, but promptly rejects her. Yui does not take this well.

Turns out Yui wanted Junichi for herself because she could use him as a servant. Harsh…

She tries blackmailing him by threatening to play a recording of their conversation from the cafe…with a 2 TB micro SD? This girl really is spoiled.

Luckily Ranko and Junichi’s friends jump in to save the day.

Ranko threatens to reveal Yui’s alter ego to the school. Yui is given no choice but to surrender.

Ironic how the non-gyaru is pretty twisted when the main gyaru chick is pretty innocent.

Looks like our next stop is this girl.

End card:


Album here.

Probably the weakest episode so far in terms of fanservice. Despite Yui being the focus, the most that we get out of her is a panty shot. Even Ranko’s rack outdoes her in terms of service in this episode. Pretty disappointing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the manga had her trying to seduce Junichi rather than innocently asking him out. This is especially strange because the anime has more service than the manga (speaking of which…they skipped a whole lot of chapters to get to this episode). I wouldn’t get my hopes down though. Nene’s slated to have her turn, and it’s not like Yui is gone forever.