OreSuki TV Episode 7 Special Edition Fanservice Review

When you get a harem of bombshells and still get solid reasons to bitch about it…


Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo?” or “OreSuki“, for short. Translated “Are you the only one who loves me?“. Gives us an unexpected pool episode.


Plot summary

Amatsuyu aka Joro, a guy with a series of temperamental issues (like an alternative personality, an extreme goodwill and a kink for giving nicknames to people) is hunted by misfortune. He’s also hunted by a bench that is likely the Devil, but let’s not got there. Everytime he’s saved or saves himself from social ostracization in the nick of time acquiring in the meanwhile a new girl for his harem. And they are all batshit crazy or borderline dangerous.

Genre Tags: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Ecchi, School

Episode Title and Summary

“I Discover an Unexpected Side”

For reasons that will stay undisclosed forever, Joro and the gang (his bromate Sun-chan and the three main girls that cause him misfortune of his harem) happen to schedule a trip to the pool. Madness ensues as the girls try to woe Joro, unknowingly pushing him toward bromance.






Overall thoughts: An unexpected and rather fun episode. Even though fanservice-packed, this was an original anime content (one of the girls said it during the episode, and since she is hot I’m taking her opinion for granted), but manages to do the job of original anime content: being interesting and introducing the next girls that will fall into the ever-expanding unintentional harem of Joro.