Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen Fanservice Review

Hanekawa removes her bra. Kiss-Shot is a busty vampiress once again. The best girls operate at peak strength in the finale.

Kizu III begins with Kiss-shot celebrating her regained powers by frolicking in a pile of feathers. It is not made clear where the feathers came from.

Araragi buzzkills this wholesome moment by asking for his humanity to be restored. Kiss shot half heartedly obliges, giving a look that suggests there will be some difficulty in granting his wish.

They have a long chat together, mostly Kiss-shot explaining her past self.

Shortly after this fantasy of Kiss-Shot does Araragi find her eating a human being. This is jarring enough to cause a mental breakdown in guilt of reviving a monster who will eat humans to survive. Araragi sure didn’t think this through.

this kiss scene is imagined within Araragi’s mind, unfortunately, and what happens afterwards is graphic enough to instantly kill the boner of anyone who isn’t a necrophiliac. but for the purposes of this fanservice review, we’re gonna pretend this is real anyways.

this very real kiss scene transitions into Hanekawa and Araragi being alone in a spacious storage room. Hanekawa is concerned about Araragi’s life being in danger, and pledges to help him in whatever way possible.

Tities without nipples is never not weird. perhaps there is a fan edit somewhere that has drawn them in. We do get a clean shot of hanekawa’s ass though.

Araragi takes up Hanekawa on her offer to do anything for him. He asks if he can feel up her tits….for battle preparation purposes. A suave move that actually works. Sexy times ensue.

This is monogatari fanservice in a nutshell. Excels in building sexual tension, teasing the viewer with what they want but cannot have, using varied shot composition and dialogue to enhance the sensuality and viewer immersion into the moment. These reviews do not do justice to the dialogue in particular – this scene becomes even better with sound as Hanekawa meekly admits her perversion while being seduced by Araragi. A lack of frontal nudity and no skinship holds it back from being a truly great ecchi. but it’s still damn good in it’s own way.

Araragi wimps out on fondling Hanekawa. But he has decided to take responsibility for the revival of a monster, and is now determined to kill Kiss-Shot.

this doesn’t work out too well for him initially. but hes allowed time to figure out a solution because neither he nor Kiss-shot can die by ordinary means. They trade deathblows forever until he figures something out.

Araragi is eventually able to subdue Kiss-Shot temporarily. He then arrives at the dilemma of either killing her to prevent humans being eaten, or allowing her to recover. He decides to drain her energy enough so that she cannot exist without feeding from his blood, turning a formerly proud vampire into that of a lowly servant. But it also ensures that Araragi can never be fully human, and that Hanekawa will never be able to fully claim ownership of him. Everyone loses.

This concludes the three part film series of Kizumonogatari. One of the most visually impressive ecchi of all time, even if conservative in what it does and does not reveal. Both female leads are drop dead gorgeous and they flaunt that fact in every single non combative scene. Kizu is even considerate of loli enthusiasts by making Kiss Shot over 100 years old. Yay for guilt free service!

Ecchi narratives are usually thinly veiled vapid excuses for fanservice to occur. Not worth paying any real attention to. You’re just there for the eroticism. Monogatari is one of those very few exceptions that are trying to comment on prominent themes in a concise and interesting way. Such as what constitutes being monstrous, the difficulties of balancing supernatural power with human relationships, and being responsible for whatever havoc that is enabled by your decisions. There’s a whole lot to like here thematically. And there’s a whole lot to like here aesthetically.

If asked to pick a single best girl from this film, I’d probably have to bitch out and say all the above. Hanekawa has an edge in that she won’t kill or eat you. Which to be fair is quite the advantage to have. But Kiss-Shot is an adorable pet succubus who serves as a lifelong partner through the loneliness of immortality. How often do those come around in life? The only thing clear to me is that Araragi is the luckiest sonuvabitch in the universe.


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